Child Gluttony? Create A Diet Timetable for Your Child

Your children have already eaten a lot of things, and you clearly know that they have had their fill, but they still grab things to his bowl and then into their mouth. Every time they ate, they would eat twice as much as normal kids. Although there don’t come with any gastrointestinal problems, there may be something bad happen sooner or later. 

What to help? Maybe you need to create a diet timetable for your kid!

Child Gluttony? Create A Diet Timetable for Your Child

What is Kid Gluttonous?

Child gluttony is an eating disorder characterized by frequently eating large amounts of food. Children with this kind of situation usually have a feeling of can't control his eating behavior. Such issues may also happen on toddlers and also teens. 

Why Your Kids Gluttonous?

Before diving to the diet timetable, let’s discuss the reasons first. Why your kids gluttonous? Finding out the reasons first may help a better result. Normally, the common reasons distribute to child gluttony include the followings.

It May Be Their Celebration

Children do strange things! It is really hard to understand their real feelings in our perspective. Sometimes, when they feel extremely happy, they may treat themselves a big deal! Giving themselves such a treat is somewhat kind of their style of celebration!  

There May Be Something Unhappy Happened or Going to Happen

The gluttony may also happen when children feel unhappy! Sometimes, such a situation may come because: 

  • They don’t want to do their homework;
  • They may feel boring and nothing to do but eat;
  • They may have some problems with their friends.

Kids Know Little on Self-control

They are kids! Kids know little on self-control. They don’t know when to stop, even if they already full. Therefore, they require your kind notice! 

Create A Diet Timetable for Your Kids?

A good diet timetable varies according to the age groups it is for. Besides, different kid may need a different diet timetable. You can check the following diet timetable for age 3~5 for your reference. 

Diet Timetable Sample 1


One ounce of grains and protein with one cup of milk

A slice of multigrain toast

A tablespoon of seed butter or nuts


Small whole-wheat roll

A turkey or peanut butter sandwich;

A serving of carrots;

An apple.


Cooked pasta;

Chicken food;

Soft Whole Grain Roll with Egg Salad.

Diet Timetable Sample 2


Strawberries and healthy cupcakes;

Something like Oatmeal muffins, Blueberry waffles with fruit, Pumpkin and apple pancakes,

Avocado blueberry smoothie.


Grilled Cheese with Mashed Roasted Sweet Potato;

Tuna or Salmon Salad with Bread Sticks for dipping.


Lunch meat on whole wheat bread;

Banana Nut Butter Quesadilla or Broccoli and Cheese Quesadilla.

Any Other Ways to Help Child Gluttony?

We all want our kids to grow up in healthy habits. However, a diet timetable may be not enough. Check out the following ways to help child gluttony.

Reward Them

If you want to help your child's overeating behavior. Compared with punishing or banning, try to reward them as much as possible. For example, when your child eats less at a certain meal, you can buy him a book or a toy that he likes. Or grant him a small wish after he sticks to it, such as a one-hour-free-jumping on his favorite indoor kid trampoline. At first, it is not recommended to give rewards after he sticks to it for a long time, otherwise the child may not be able to go on.

Encourage Your Kids to Go Out and Play

Parents who are worried about their children eating too much are advised to encourage their children to go out and play. Taking them out for outdoor activities and try not to keep them at home. If time is limited, encouraging them to jump on your backyard outdoor trampoline. Remember the trampoline with enclosure, which provides better safeguard than the one without any safe net. 

Getting in touch with nature can help your child relax. Playing with friends can also play a role in regulating mood. Exercising can promote the release of dopamine in the brain, so that children feel relaxed and happy.

Make a Good Demonstration

If you have irregular diet problems, your kids may follow you. Kids learn things from people around them. If you want your kids to have a good dinning habit, you are suggested to be good examples. 

Watch Out for Child Bulimia

If your kids always eat until they vomit, watch out for the Child Bulimia. Child gluttony means your kids have a desire to eat throughout the day. They may eat at any time and may don’t know when is exactly the full situation. Bulimia is a one-time-eat. Kids will eat to the state of fullness, and there may be vomiting phenomenon. Once such a severe phenomenon happens, your kids may need professional therapy, such as taking them to the hospital psychological counseling department for Psychological Counseling.


Child Gluttony is not a severe issue. However, it is still necessary to help your kids build a healthy eating habit. By creating a diet timetable for your child, you can offer a better guide for your kids. Zupapa wishes all kids in the world a happy and healthy childhood!