How to Disassemble a Trampoline

How to Disassemble a Trampoline: Steps, Tools & Tips 2022

You are going to move your trampoline, maybe because you buy or rent a new home, or you want to find somewhere inside to storage your trampoline when there is harsh weather. However, no matter why you decide to do so, it's time to think about the disassembly. 

How to disassemble the trampoline? Must you tear it apart piece by piece? How long does the disassembly take? Where to start and what tools are needed? Any tips to avoid damaging your trampoline?

This is an ultimate guide to solve all your such concerns, with useful step-by-step image guide for you to download to make your trampoline disassemble process efficient! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!  

Is it Hard to Tear a Trampoline Apart and How Long Does It Take?

Normally, taking a trampoline apart requires shorter times than assembling it, because you’ve already got a basic understanding of the elements the trampoline consists of.

However, it still takes some time, because it is relatively a large piece and has lots of elements. Whether it is a tough work for you or not largely comes down to the type and size of the trampoline you purchase, steps you follow, tools you use and how many people to do the job

A larger trampoline usually has more springs, and thus require more time to remove and collect them. A trampoline with net poles and a net takes more time to disassemble than the one without. The time can be cut down if you use the right tools and get help from friends. If you don’t follow the right steps, the disassembly may also not be that efficient. 

For the average time required to take a trampoline apart, you can check the table below for your reference:

Trampoline Types

Time Needed to Disassemble the Trampoline
(1~2  people)

Fitness Trampoline

Half an hour or so

Small Indoor Kid Trampoline

20 minutes

Outdoor Trampoline (8-16 FT)

1.5~2 hours

Must I Take My Trampoline Apart Piece by Piece?

Though you can move your trampoline somewhere else without even taking it apart, let alone piece by piece, you're still advised not to refuse the disassembly.

A disassembled trampoline takes less space than a non-disassembled one, which is a big benefit when you want to storage more items in your garage or move it by vehicle. Besides, a disassembled trampoline enjoys fewer chances to get damaged while moving and enhances the lifespan during storage

However, if you just want to relocate your trampoline a few feet away in your backyard, you can ask more friends to help, or add some trampoline wheels to achieve your goal, without taking it apart. 

Tools Needed To Disassemble A Trampoline

Tools Needed To Disassemble A Trampoline


The installation tools offered in your package are also helpful in the disassembly, such as the spring puller, or called trampoline hook, which has a plastic handle with finger grooves to guarantee a firm grip while removing the springs. In addition to that, useful tools to disassemble a trampoline include:

  • A towel is needed to clean the trampoline before disassembling it; 
  • A waterproof bag or box is a must to gather all the components (take your original boxes out if you have kept them); 
  • A spanner and a screwdriver will help your job when you want to unscrew and loosen something from your trampoline poles;
  • One pair of heavy-duty working gloves are necessary for better efficiency and to avoid pinch your fingers; 
  • Sometimes a power drill and rust removers are also required, while they not musts for every trampoline. However, if you do not want to look for one of them to use in the middle of the task, you can also prepare it in advance.

How To Disassemble A Trampoline (5 Easy Steps with Infographics)

The basic steps to disassemble any trampoline is almost the same, which is the reverse process of installing a trampoline, and here we will show you the exact guidelines about the disassembly of Zupapa Trampoline for your reference. 

5 Easy Steps To Disassemble A Trampoline


Step 1: Remove the Additional Accessories like Steel Ladder, Tent, and Basketball Loop

The steel ladder, tent, ladder mat, basketball loop and lawn stake will be the last in need when reinstalls your trampoline, therefore, you can remove and collect them first now. 

Step 2: Free Your Net Poles and Net

Then, you can free your net poles, which hold up your safety net, from the frame. Untie the net ties beneath the trampoline first, and then remove the clamp sets. Your screwdriver will be a good partner when there are too-tight ties.

If you are going to reinstall the trampoline in the near future, you can let the upper poles stay with the mat while separate the lower ones, otherwise, remove all the pole from the mat may be better.

The screws of clamp set on Zupapa Trampolines are designed in friendly wing shapes, and thus you can unscrew them in ease without using a power drill or a screwdriver. However, if the screws on your trampoline are in normal round shapes, you’d better get help from the tools. Remember to reassemble the tiny screws on the clamp sets after freeing the poles, or you may lose them unconsciously. 

Step 3: Remove the Frame Padding and Springs

Once the mat is removed, you are now coming to the most complex part - the springs.

Usually, there are 48~120 springs on every trampoline. You need to be patient to dismantle each of them from the mat. Luckily, it is relatively easy with the help of your spring puller.

Remember to check the conditions of each spring. If there are slightly rusty springs, use the rust remover to help. If there are broken or no-bouncing springs, throw them away and count the numbers. Then, get some replacements from the online store you bought your trampoline or the store near your new home.   

Step 4: Fold the Mat and Net

After removing all the springs, the mat is detached from the trampoline. You can now fold the mat and the former net together and keep them in your box or bag. 

Step 5: Deal with the Frame 

Now it comes to the last part - the frame. Detach the legs from the top rail ring first. The top ring of Zupapa Trampolines is in friendly socket design. You can usually easily detach the legs from the ring without using anything else like an electric drill or a spanner but your hands.

If the legs and ring of your trampoline are connected with each other by screws instead of socket, you can detach the legs from the ring by a screwdriver or an electric drill. 

Later, lay the ring on the floor and separate it into several parts. Finally, detach the vertical leg extensions from the leg base one by one, and then collect them all in your box or bag.

Tips on Dissembling a Trampoline

  • Ask someone else to help your work, but do not allow your little kids. Your curious kids may interrupt your process, and the energetic boy or girl may get injured from the metal objects if they cannot well follow your instructions.
  • Do well check on the condition of your mat, net and springs.
  • Never show any mercy on worn springs. Replace it, no matter when you find it. Springs are essential to guarantee you wonderful bounces.
  • Take care when detaching the ring from the frame. The legs may fall on your feet. 
  • Once the relocation is down, you may need a further guide to assembly. Have your manual handy, or check Assembly Instructions or Trampoline Assembly for help.
  • You can also hire in a trampoline assembly service, which may help you to make the procedure quicker and safer. 

Happy bouncing!