2021 spring bounce time - kids are jumping on a Zupapa outdoor trampoline in a sunny day.

Everything You Should Know About Zupapa Outdoor Trampolines

As of today, we have ONE shape, TWO series, and FIVE sizes for Zupapa outdoor trampolines. In this blog, let’s dive deep into them.

 With the philosophy to help the family members to PLAY together, ENJOY more family time, and strengthen the BOND, Zupapa has served hundreds of thousands of families. In this blog, let’s dive deep into the outdoor trampolines which make us stand out from others since the early 21st century.


As of today, we have ONE shape, TWO series, and FIVE sizes for Zupapa outdoor trampolines. They are your reliable choice if you’re looking for a standing structure to turn your backyard into a playground. All Zupapa outdoor trampolines have passed international industrial-leading safety certifications by TUV (Germany) and ASTM (USA) because we’ve equipped each product with premium materials: the hot-dip galvanized frame tubes, the galvanized springs, the reinforced pad and mat, the secured enclosure net, and the unique non-slip parts. We take the quality and the safety seriously as they are the two principles that we believed and by which we governed our business.

Saffun Trampolines VS. Safump Trampolines

Zupapa Saffun trampoline vs. Zupapa Safump trampoline. Zupapa outdoor trampolines in 2021 spring.

Here comes the top one frequently asked question: What are the differences between the Zupapa Safump trampolines and the Zupapa Saffun trampolines? Please go on with the following summaries:

  • They belong to Zupapa® outdoor trampolines. We name each series according to the product feature. The first three letters of "Saf" are taken from the word "safe" while "ump" stands for "jump" and "fun" literally means "fun". We believe you kids can enjoy safe jumping and have great fun with Zupapa outdoor trampolines!
  • The main differences between each series lie in the location of the springs and the safety net. For Zupapa Safump trampolines, springs are out of the safety net while springs are inside the safety net for Zupapa Saffun trampolines.
  • Another noteworthy difference is the pad thickness. For the Zupapa Safump trampolines, a one-layer pad would be enough for protection because the springs are separated from the jump mat by the enclosure net, while a 2-layer pad and a no-gap mat have applied for the Zupapa Saffun trampolines for safety.
  • Generally, you can expect more jumping space for a Saffun trampoline than a Safump one in the same size.

Trampoline Sizes

As mentioned above, Zupapa outdoor trampolines are available in five sizes. At present, you can find a Zupapa outdoor trampoline in 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, or 15 feet as per your request.

When it comes to after-sales service, our Customer Happiness Executives are often be asked: How can I know the size of my Zupapa outdoor trampoline? OK, we’re here to give the official answer:

  • The simplest, log in to your account, check the purchase history, then you’ll get the size information from the order.
  • You can easily find it on the original shipping box on the condition that you’ve preserved it.
  • You may wonder if you can find out the size information according to the trampoline. Surely, the answer is yes. The key is the count of the galvanized springs. All Zupapa outdoor trampolines of the same size have the same number of springs and the counts of springs only vary from the size. See the counts of springs for each size from below. (We also added a column to tell the shipping boxes you should receive for each size.)

Trampoline Size (Safump & Saffun)


Shipping Boxes

8 feet



10 fee



12 feet



14 feet



15 feet




Trampoline Exchange

We accept the size exchange, whether you ask for a bigger or a smaller one when the trampoline is in brand new condition. In this chapter, we’ll introduce how can you exchange: (a) a Saffump trampoline to a Saffun one, (b) the old version of a Zupapa Saffun trampoline for an upgraded one.

When exchanging a Zupapa Safump trampoline to a Saffun one, the most frequently asked question is: Do I need to return the Safump one I have and reorder a new one?

Do not worry! Our Customer Happiness Executives would make things easy. As all received parts are in BRAND NEW CONDITION, to obtain a Saffun one, you just need to get the Pad, the Jump Mat, and the Enclosure Net. Contact us with your order number as well as the pictures of the shipping boxes with SKU Number (if applicable), we’ll guide you to return & get corresponding parts as soon as possible. Usually, you’ll receive a follow-up reply in 12 hours (weekends & holidays excluded).

Another question about item exchange is to exchange the old version of a Zupapa Saffun trampoline for an upgraded one. You just need to purchase the new Pad and Jump Mat on condition that the structure you’re using is in good condition. As for the method to decide which version you have, please look for the purchase date. Generally, Zupapa outdoor trampolines bought before 2019 are possibly the old version while these bought since 2019 would be an old version or an upgraded one. Please contact Zupapa Customer Happiness Executives with the order number if you have questions.

Trampoline Exchange

New Parts Required


A Safump trampoline to a Saffun one


Jump Mat

Enclosure Net

1. Order proof required.

2. All parts must be in brand new condition.

3. A return is required for the parts of the Safump trampoline.

An old Saffun trampoline to an upgraded one


Jump Mat

1. Order proof required.

2. Not free.

We accept trampoline exchange from a bigger one to a smaller one, and vice versa, only if the trampoline is in BRAND NEW CONDITION.


Warranty & After-sales Service

We at Zuppa take great pride in our excellent after-sales service. We never stop our pace at service upgrading.

A hassle-free warranty always comes with our products. For all Zupapa outdoor trampolines, we provide:

  • Ten (10) years of warranty for the frame;
  • Two (2) years of warranty for the trampoline mat, frame pad, safety net, and galvanized springs;
  • A lifetime warranty for other accessories not mentioned above.

Part Name


Trampoline Mat

Frame Pad

Safety Net

Galvanized Springs

Other Accessories

Warranty (Years)








Standing behind is our enthusiastic Customer Happiness Executives. “If you are not over the moon with your order, we'll move mountains to make it right.” They always take your inquiries seriously and are experienced in giving a to-the-point solution. Efficiency is another remarkable point – usually, you will get a reply in 12 hours after contacting us. So, feel free to email us whenever you need a helping hand.