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A Perfect Schedule Delivered: Zupapa Suggestions for Easter Holiday 2021

It’s time that we take the chance to hop! Today Zupapa will share a schedule filled with fun activities to make Easter happier this year.
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Springtime blooms are on their way, trees are turning green, and more importantly,  it’s time that we take the chance to observe the big event - Easter! Today Zupapa will share a schedule filled with fun activities to make Easter happier this year.

Schedule Overview

Early spring; Easter



Morning 10:00 - 12: 00

  • Decorate the house
  • Craft for Easter
  • Prepare for lunch

At noon 12:00 - 14:00

Have Lunch & Rest

Afternoon 14:00 - 15:00

Game time

Evening 18:00 - 22:00 

  • Prepare for dinner
  • Family gatherings: dinner, talks, movies, etc.


We’ve rounded up some decoration ideas, foods, and games to enrich your day. Let’s dive deep into each.

Decoration Ideas

Easter decoration

The rule of thumb, use the two factors for your decorations: Easter Bunnies and Easter Lilies, whether for the indoor or backyard.


How can we let balloons and buntings miss from a festival? They are a must. Hang some on the windows, around the porch, and even stick several on your table! Oh, do not forget to put on some Easter Lilies (OK, make sure no one is allergic). Easter eggs in a basket would be a significant addition to your table, too. Forget to note, if time permitted, decorate your table with creative Easter napkins is also an amazing idea - shaped like a little bunny, they are so cute that no one can refuse the charm! A practical suggestion: remember to choose bright Easter colors for the napkins.


We can move on with the outdoor decoration after finishing it indoors. Balloon bunnies and yard signs play a great role in this part. Do not forget the standing items in your yard, they would be the most eye-catching scenery when being well-decorated. If you have a Zupapa outdoor trampoline, besides decorations on the frame and the safety enclosure net, you can do the trampoline art. To be more specific, chalk art on the trampoline mat. It’s amazing to create a fantasy world with a box of chalks, isn’t it?


Classic Easter games can be more fun when played in a new way.

Easter Egg Hunt. This classic game should come at first as everyone would get involved — the participants, egg hiders, and watchers. To make it more interesting, you can:

  • Bring other incentives besides candy.
  • Keep the party inside/outside. Hide eggs everywhere from the fridge to under their pillows.
  • or somewhere in the backyard.
  • Use QR Codes. The teens (and honestly, the grown-ups too) will definitely get excited when they’re told to scan the QR code to know what they will get for the reward.

Easter Bunny Sack Race. This outdoor activity will bring giggles, also a great way to burn off some of that holiday energy. It would be better if dress the participants with Bunny Ears.

Egg Poppers. The adults tie the prepared Egg Poppers to tree branches and the kids try their best to get the treats inside. For safety concerns, please hang them on sturdy branches so that the kids will not pull the branches down!

Dress up and jump on your Zupapa outdoor trampoline. Everything would be more fun when you dress up. Get an Easter dress-up outfit, then have fun on the trampoline just like bunnies! On the trampoline, you can also:

  • Have an Easter photoshoot to see who can jump the longest, who is the one with the cutest postures.
  • Try Bouncing Bunnies. Make one kid carry a little 'basket' and someone else standing outside the trampoline throws water balloons. The kid needs to catch the balloons and put them into their “basket”.
  • Try egg hunt with balloons. The adults place some water balloons on the trampoline mat and spread Easter eggs around underneath the pile of balloons, then invite the little ones to look for eggs among the bouncy balloons.

Easter game recommendation: jump on Zupapa outdoor trampoline in early April.

Family Crafting Time

Family crafting would be an incredible memory. Here we’d share some simple DIY.

Personalize Easter Baskets. Tags, dry-erase paint, and simple wooden animal shapes are enough to personalize a basket. The kids would love to make their own personalized basket and take it for an Easter egg hunt.

Make Bunny Hats. Kids will love sitting down to Easter brunch sporting these cute animal hats.

Design Potato Easter Egg Stamps. Create egg-shaped stamp designs on potato halves with a carving knife, then let your kiddos take the reins. We’re sure you’ll be shocked by their creativity.

Make Bunny-Shaped Holders. Make bunny-shaped holders with your sweetie to either display their Easter creations or use as table settings!


We all know that Hot Cross Buns, boiled eggs are served at breakfast, roast lamb, and Simnel cakes are traditionally served throughout Easter. Here we’d recommend some easy-to-make sweet for you.

Easter Egg-filled Jars! Place several bottles on your table with these sweet (excuse the pun).

Egg Straws. They will be fun for the kids and adults. They are the best props to get social.

Easter Popcorn. Popcorn is a great snack at the best of times.

Easter Bunny Bread Bowl. The ingredient is easy to find and also easy to make by yourself.

How are you going to celebrate Easter this year? We’d love to hear from you about the activities you and your family come up with.