Indoor Trampoline for kids

Family Paradise for Toddlers: Indoor Trampoline

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With the change of domestic parenting concepts, parents have begun to attach importance to the companionship and participation of their children in childhood. However, whether it is traveling or visiting the mall, it is not very satisfactory. Take the children to travel, there is not enough time; take the children to the shopping mall, the children are not interested. The indoor trampoline is just right, adults and children, parents and children have fun.

In the past, on weekends, many children chose to go to the children's playground.

The children's playground has naughty castles for younger children, as well as children's development for older children. However, the children are having fun, but the guarding parents are bored, and there is still little time to spend with their children.

Go to amusement park with family


In Naughty Castle Paradise, most parents choose to play mobile phones outside, and there is basically no interaction and communication with their children. Moreover, even if the parents want to participate in the children's play, it will make both parties feel uncomfortable. For the children, the parents who follow closely are like the supervisors who make them feel uncomfortable and just want to escape. As far as parents are concerned, crawling around with their children will not have to make themselves exhausted.

In recent years, there has been a better way of parenting, indoor trampoline for kids.

The emergence of the indoor trampoline has been enthusiastically sought after by parents. The indoor trampoline has become the first choice for most parents for leisure and entertainment after lunch and dinner, and has become a family paradise for children.

kid paly trampoline at home


Why is the indoor trampoline so popular?

  1. The indoor trampoline allows children to experience various jumping on the trampoline.

More and more children are turning into trampoline indoor kids.

Trampoline for exercise can bring you a lot of happiness, and everyone is looking for happiness and satisfaction in tracking and jumping together. Children can enjoy the trampoline more freely during the jumping process, and experience the charm of the trampoline just like flying. More children exercise on trampolines and release stress during the play.

indoor trampoline for Toddlers


At the same time, indoor trampolines are not only helpful for the development of children's physical functions and coordination, but also for the growth of children's height and brain development.

Indoor trampoline is more exciting and challenging than other sports. In the process of trampoline, indulge in bouncing, happy and superimposed on trampoline, in addition to weight loss and body shaping, in terms of releasing stress and maintaining physical and mental balance, it does not lose any other exercise.

  1. In addition to trampolines, the classic combination of trampoline and pitching is popular among children.

The current indoor trampoline is not only a trampoline, there are also projects and equipment around, such as super slam dunk, climbing wall, devil slide, building block area, video game area, recreation area, football area, big turntable, dodge ball, expansion area, ring, Handrails, sandbags, somersaults, etc., to meet the amusement needs of different children. These projects have upgraded the fun of the original sports, enjoyable interaction, doubled the joy, and it is so fun.

indoor trampoline put in home


You can consider the equipment when buying an indoor trampoline according to the hobbies of the children at home.

Children who like ball games can play basketball in the super slam dunk area and football in the football area. Ball games not only conform to children's physical and psychological characteristics, but also have a lot of benefits for children's physical and mental development. First, ball games promote children's hand-eye coordination. Second, ball games promote the development of children's motor coordination. Third, ball games can improve children's judgment ability. Finally, ball games can enhance children's team spirit and promote parent-child The harmony of the relationship. If we participate with our parents, it can also promote our parent-child relationship, allowing parents and children to exercise and play together, and the relationship will be more harmonious and harmonious.

Children who like to think can play blocks in the building block area, video games in the video game area, and turntables on the big turntable.

little girl like indoor trampoline


Children who like gymnastics can play rock climbing on the climbing wall, somersault in the somersault area, slides on the devil’s slide, sandbags in the boxing area, and rings and handrails.

  1. Parents can also do parent-child sports with their children.

Indoor trampolines are not only a favorite place for children, but also a favorite place for young parents. The indoor trampoline has attracted many children and young parents with children. Everyone is tracking and jumping together, looking for happiness and increasing parent-child time. In the indoor trampoline, children can play with their parents and participate in various competitions together. This will not only deepen their understanding of each other, but also deepen mutual trust, but also help cultivate tacit understanding and close parent-child ties. Trampoline, super slam dunk, rock climbing wall, devil slide, building block area, video game area, leisure area, football area, big turntable, dodge ball, expansion area, rings, handrails, sandbags, somersault area, many of these sports can be made by Parents accompany their children to play together, such as football, basketball, slides, video games, building blocks, etc.

indoor trampoline for family


The indoor trampoline specially built for modern families is that its amusement items not only satisfy the interests of children, but parents can also enjoy it. The children's amusement activities are in the eyes of the parents, and parents do not need to follow closely and protect themselves. In this way, the children will have fun and the parents will also relax a lot. Moreover, without the shackles of frames, parents can play as much as they want, and reminisce about their carefree childhood in the play, without worrying about being stuck or exhausting themselves.

4. Indoor trampolines can help parents easily take their children at home

Through trampoline, some obese people can also lose weight, and parents can also lose weight with their children. For obese people, trampoline is undoubtedly a very good choice to play happily, but also to exercise properly and burn fat can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Something need to pay attention to the indoor trampoline

At the same time, you also need to master the correct posture when performing trampoline, otherwise it may cause harm to your body. Such as, landing mistakes when flipping and somersaults, trying difficult moves, landing mistakes when jumping and so on.

Physical injuries caused by improper trampoline include: bruises and cuts, head and neck injuries, joint sprains, etc.

As long as you take adequate precautions, you can try to avoid physical injuries in the trampoline.

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How to buy a trampoline

If you need to buy an indoor trampoline, you can choose a trampoline according to the user's situation. You can buy a small trampoline, a mini trampoline, trampoline for toddlers, or trampoline for adults.

If you are worried about danger, you should also consider whether to buy a trampoline with net. You can buy the safest trampoline.

In 2021, Zuppa developed a 66 inch and 54 inch indoor trampoline, which upgraded the steel tube thickness from 1.2 mm to 1.5 mm. Indoor trampoline for toddlers providing more rebound and your children will have more fun. 

When the child grows tall enough to run and play in the backyard independently, consider a trampoline specially designed for the backyard at this time. The 12ft outdoor trampoline adopts hot-dip galvanizing process to make the Zupapa trampoline frame and net pole durable. The ultraviolet absorber UV-9 is added to the materials, pads, cushions and nets to extend the test life.