Discover what is the best standard for the best trampoline

Discover What is the Best Standard for the Trampoline

When we want to buy something, we all want to buy the best. Similarly, when we want to buy a trampoline, we also want to buy the best trampoline. The best trampoline, what is the ‘best’ standard?
Some people may say that the best trampoline is the best price trampoline. Indeed, the price of a $200 trampoline is indeed different from that of an $800 trampoline. There is a question. Is the $200 trampoline suitable for you?
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Some people may say that the best trampoline is the trampoline with the best material. Indeed, the trampoline with the best material may be used for a long time. But then, a problem comes again. When you buy the trampoline home, you may suddenly find that the home is too small to install. Or in other words, the trampoline takes up too much space.
Some people may say that the best trampoline is the safest trampoline. When we buy a trampoline, we need to buy a trampoline with a lot of springs, with a protective net, the best material, and the best UV-proof. But may I ask, is your budget enough ?
It may also be said that the best trampoline is the best seller trampoline. When we buy the best seller trampoline home, we find that we have bought the wrong trampoline. The size and model are not correct at all, or the color is not what you like, or you originally want to buy an outdoor trampoline home, but buy an indoor trampoline.
In my opinion, perhaps, the best trampoline is the best performance when analyzed from all dimensions. 
The best trampoline, you can comprehensively consider the following factors, the size of the trampoline, the channel of purchase, the user's evaluation, the time of purchase, the material and safety factor of the trampoline, and the appropriate price.

(1) The size of the trampoline

Choose the size of the trampoline that needs to be purchased, such as 55 inch small trampoline, or 12ft outdoor trampoline. Trampoline includes trampoline for kids and trampoline for adults.

(2) Purchasing channels

Determine the way of purchase. If you choose to shop online, choose websites that provide real materials, such as Zuppa, Amazon, and Aliexpress; If you choose to go shopping in a mall, you may consider Wal-Mart, at least, the quality is guaranteed. If you choose to go to a sporting goods store , Such as Decathlon.

(3) User evaluation

View different user reviews. After selecting the channel, check the trampoline of a certain size in this channel, and the user's evaluation after purchase. Those products with too many negative reviews are not suitable for purchase. Those products with little evaluation may be new products.
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(4) Time of purchase

Determine the time of purchase. If it happens to be on the eve of the holiday, such as before Christmas, there will be large discounts on shopping malls or websites, which are much cheaper than usual. If you buy at this time, you can save a lot of money.

(5) Compare prices

Compare the prices of trampolines in different ways ( websites, shopping malls or sporting goods stores ) under the same conditions (the same style, user evaluation and materials). Preferential prices are preferred.

(6) Warranty

Determine whether the trampoline has a warranty period. Some trampolines provide a certain warranty for their products. Buying trampolines with a warranty period is the priority. Of course, it does not mean that the quality of the trampoline is guaranteed to be good, but at least it can ensure that the product can be used for a longer time. Zupp’s frame has a 10 year warranty, Zuppa’s mat, pad, and net have a 2 year warranty.

(7) Jumping ability

Determine the jumping performance of the trampoline. If you are buying online, try to buy as many springs as possible. Zupapa Safump trampoline has 108 springs in total, which can provide more rebound and your child will have more fun. If you buy it in a mall, you can experience it yourself.

(8) Weight restriction

Determine the weight limit of the trampoline. Some trampolines are specially designed for children and cannot support the weight of adults. If you are overweight, it may shorten the life of the trampoline.
Different trampolines can bear different weights. Even if you buy a mini trampoline, different mini trampolines can bear different weights. Some mini trampolines can withstand a weight of 250 pounds, some mini trampolines can only withstand a weight of 180 pounds, and some mini trampolines can only withstand a weight of 110 pounds.
The Zupapa trampoline in 2021 will upgrade the steel tube thickness from 1.2 mm to 1.5 mm. The maximum load capacity can reach 425 pounds.
jumping performance of the trampoline


(9) Durable of trampoline

If you want the trampoline you buy to be more durable, you need to consider the material, craftsmanship and safety factor of the trampoline. If the budget is sufficient, you might as well buy better materials, better craftsmanship, and safety factors, such as those with nets, and the quality of the protective nets is very durable.
For exampoline frame and net pole durable. The ultraviolet absorber UV-9 is added to the materials, pads, cushions and nets to extend the test life. The trampoline spring is out of the safety net, and you no longer need to worry about your child stepping on the spring when jumping.

(10) TrampolineAccessories

Determine whether you need accessories and which trampoline accessories are needed. Trampoline accessories include trampoline ladders, trampoline nets, trampoline mattresses, and some trampoline toys. In addition, you can also purchase some rings, handrails, sandbags, etc. according to customer needs.

(11) Safety performance

You also need to consider the safety performance of the trampoline.
Trampoline frame
Determine what kind of trampoline frame you bought and whether it will easily cause harm. The rigid metal frame is one of the biggest dangers faced by jumpers, which can cause severe fractures, scratches, and skull injuries!
The steel frame of Zuppa’s trampoline will not be exposed. The steel frame is covered with a layer of blue pvc cloth, which is very strong and can not be broken by humans. In addition, there is a layer of anti-collision foam in the blue cloth, which tightly wraps the steel frame.
Zuppa's steel frame is impossible to be broken from birth, except for large machinery.
trampoline assembly
Trampoline pad
Determine whether the trampoline purchased contains protective pads and ensure that the quality of the protective pads is good.
The protective pads of some manufacturers will begin to wear, deform, and tear after being hit several times, and will seriously lose their ability to absorb impacts. The sponge protection pad covering the surface of the spring can also mislead the jumper, especially when the child sees something covered and mistakenly thinks it is safe.
Zuppa's protective pads are not easy to wear or deform, and are durable.
Trampoline spring
The spring will produce bumpy elasticity, even under the protection of the protective pad, it will sometimes hurt the jumper. So when you buy, you need to buy the location of the spring.
Zuppa's trampoline has just the right spring position, which will not make jumpers easily injured.
Trampoline frame
When the jumper jumps or hits the support rod of the protective net, the light support frame of the traditional spring trampoline becomes soft, folds or even collapses.
The Zupapa 12-ft trampoline uses a hot-dip galvanizing process to make the trampoline frame and net pole durable, and the spring cannot be pulled by human hands.
Safety standards for trampoline
Safety standards for trampoline
At present, countries such as Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand have established safety standards for trampolines. A safe trampoline should have a soft ridge guard net, and the guard net support rod must not be rigid materials such as metal. In addition, there must be no hard objects in the trampoline space that jumpers can touch.
Zuppa’s trampoline has passed ASTM and TUV certification and meets the standards of leisure sports, so you can buy it with confidence.
The steel pipe of Zupapa trampoline has a thickness of 1.5 mm and a load-bearing capacity of 425 pounds. The protective pad is not easy to wear or deform. The steel frame is covered with a strong blue PVC cloth. There is a layer of anti-collision foam inside the cloth and the ultraviolet absorber UV-9 is added to materials, pads, cushions and nets to extend the test life.