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How to Buy a Trampoline that is Usually Expensive in Trampoline Sales

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Mr. Paul’s family recently planned to buy a trampoline with net for the children as a surprising gift. And his budget for the trampoline is $500. After searching the trampoline for sale on the shopping platform, Mr. Paul found that the budget of $500 was not enough to buy a relatively expensive and high-quality trampoline. Therefore, he was in trouble because he hoped that the trampoline could be played in their family outdoor activities, not only for their kids but also for adults. That means the trampoline bought should be high quality to bear the weight of children and adults in long use. So here we learn the needs of Mr. Paul. He wants to buy an expensive trampoline with high quality and good price. My friends, have you ever had the same trouble as Mr. Paul? In fact, it is not a big deal and it’s not difficult to meet your needs.

Today’s this blog aims to help you learn some ways in saving money and know how to buy a trampoline that is usually expensive in trampoline sales.

Be a Winner in trampoline promotions


Tips for Save money when buying a trampoline

Register as a member to get a discount. 

Generally speaking, registering a member account of a brand will have the opportunity to get discount coupons. New users can take advantage of this chance to enjoy the special discount when shopping. Do you know that Zupapa has such a discount? The new members who firstly register on Zupapa’s official website can get 10$ off discount coupons. So, stop hesitating! Hurry to go to the Zupapa official website, register a member and get your favorite trampoline with low price!

get a TRAMPOLINE discount


Get various forms of coupons.

  • Social media account messages you can’t miss

Always keeping an eye on the official website and the official social media account of your favorite brand, and keep abreast of the trend of its preferential activities at any time. Especially in the peak sales season at the end of the year, and many holidays and shopping activities are at the end of the year. This way can help you get the best but cheapest trampoline. For example, Halloween Sale, Thanksgiving, BFCM Sale, Christmas Season as well as Boxing Day. Due to the huge impact of the epidemic, the global “housing economy” is growing rapidly. Being accustomed to online shopping, customers are continuously stimulated by the coming shopping festivals. People will not wait for the arrival of shopping days like “Black Five” or “Cyber Monday” to start their modes of purchase. Many people want to do shopping in advance. At that time, many brands will respond to this situation early in social media or advertise on some websites.

discount massages - Zupapa trampoline discount


  • Pay attention to #gift and #holiday tags

Therefore, consumers who want to buy their products should pay more attention to the warm-up of their preferential activities posted on the official media or website. Because some special benefits they prepared for customers, such as discounts, gifts, limited edition, exclusive collections, charity related activities or creative benefits designed by themselves, which all may be published on the official media or the official website at any time. In addition, you are also able to pay special attention to labels with “gift” or the key words of some festivals. Due to the early start of the shopping season and the arrival of Thanksgiving and Christmas, many brands will not only focus on shopping discounts, but also will create a concept of “gifts” in the marketing of shopping season. In most time, when they carry out product marketing, they will mark the label of “gift” on the trampoline on sale, because this word just caters to the preference of consumers who are choosing to buy gifts for their family and friends, and these products tagged with “gift” could also provide some inspiration for them to choose gifts.

trampoline # gift


  • Special discounts for shopping days every day

At present, some businesses think that the 14 days of shopping festival is too long, so they split the shopping festival into one shopping day after another, set the promotion price for a single product or a collection category every day, and all together to hold a sales carnival. Such an approach of selling can not only encourage consumption, but also ensure that new and unique selling points can be sent to and updated in the social media in real time, so as to improve the coverage of social media and the rate of e-mail receiving, and finally achieve the purpose of giving back more benefits to consumers.

trampoline coupons


  • "One hour" snapped up

Among businesses, there is a more interesting way to play, that is to set up “one hour to buy”. For example, in general time, their stores on some platforms or their official websites usually give a 20% discount when promoting, but they will may give a 60% discount in a specific hour. Sellers want to attract more customers by this way. But as for consumers, they could seize this opportunity to a cheap trampoline.

buying trampoline within 1 hour


Get a discount of group purchase. 

Many sellers on the platform will also set up such a sales method, which is actually a form of group purchase. You can recommend the trampoline you want to have to your friends who just want to buy. By this way, both of you could enjoy discounts when you place an order together.

recommend your friends


Play giveaway and win a trampoline for free.

Join some giveaway websites, and always pay attention to the information about the giveaway activities of the trampoline brand website that it forwards. Or directly participate in the official website to collect likes, share photos, and participate in the lucky draw presented by trampoline.

trampoline giveaway site

For instance, Zupapa holds an official activity called “Show Zupapa Your Sense of Whimsy”. There are 3 campaigns for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The only easy thing that you need to do is to submit pictures related to these holidays on the website. You can also participate in the 3 campaigns through your social media accounts.Or join our KOL program.

Zupapa accepts photos and videos from any of the following platforms:

Facebook and Twitter: @Zupapa and add TAG #Zupapa, #HolidayDecoration.

Instagram: @Zupapa_US and add TAG #Zupapa, #HolidayDecoration.

Tiktok: Add TAG #Zupapa and #HolidayDecoration.

Youtube: The Title includes Zupapa 2021 Holiday Decoration Campaigns.

win a trampoline giveaway


Of course, you could join in all if you want to increase the possibility to win! Zupapa will randomly select 3 winners to send each with a trampoline for free! The price may be a trampoline for kids or a trampoline for adults. As for other participants, they also prepare other surprises. You can also use zupapa coupons to make purchases.

With these tips for saving money, Mr. Paul will be able to buy his favorite trampoline with the budget of $500. If he is lucky enough, he may also get a free trampoline! My friends, are you excited now like Mr. Paul to want to have a trampoline? Go and try these small tips to save money! God will bless you to win a free trampoline!