experience of playing trampoline  with basketball

What is the experience of playing trampoline with basketball hoop?

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How could your children play trampoline? Do you always design some interesting small trampoline games to play with them? In fact, there are many methods to play it. The way to exercise with low intensity is to make some simple changes in the basic jumping movement. Such as back kick jump, step jump, left and right jump and etc. Younger children can sit on the trampoline, and then parents jump gently on the trampoline, so that children are able to gradually become familiar with the trampoline. For children around 2 years old, parents can hold children’s hands and help them make simple jumps. Older or more capable children could do some fancy jumps, such as opening and closing jump, circle jump, high leg-lift jump and etc. Of course, there are many other ways to play trampoline for exercise. For instance, rope skipping on trampoline. Let the kids jump rope on the trampoline. First jumping slowly and carefully, and then make some changes when they are getting familiar with it. Shooting on trampoline. This is a trampoline ball game. When shooting a basket, parents should initially protect their children around, and then let them jump on the trampoline and shoot the ball into the designated basket. Besides, you could also hang a balloon above the trampoline to let the kids touch the target every time he jumps.

a boy play basketball in trampoline


Shooting based on trampoline with basketball hoop, which is called Slamball also came into being.

Slamball originated in a humble warehouse in Los Angeles in 2000. It integrates the characteristics of basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics and other items, and aims to become a new sport including tactics and aesthetics. Today, Slamball has grown into an event alliance with 8 professional teams, TV networks and high overseas popularity, which has been sought after by fans all over the world. As a sport based on the teamwork, when the two teams fight, winning the game is the core spirit of Slamball. At the same time, it is also a fashionable and interesting sport, which is described by five Cs, namely Cool, Challenge, Creative, Charisma and Courage. Being involved with sports, you don’t have to own a very tall and strong body. Instead, you just need potentials and qualities, like speed, sports potential, resistance, tenacity, courage and physical control. Anyone can participate in, feel and enjoy dunking. It is these characteristics that enable Slamball to break through the limitations of territory, class, culture, age, gender and physique and be deeply pursued and loved all over the world, and even affected the attitudes and ways of people’s life.

Slamball sport


A standard Slamball court is a rectangle of 29.3 meters * 17.1 meters. There are two baskets and two sets of trampolines. The surface specification of each trampoline is 4.2 meters * 2.1 meters. The floor with vibration absorption function matching with the trampoline could create a unique feeling of playing, whether it is to bounce athletes to the exciting heights or catch them safely. Similar to the ice hockey rink, the entire Slamball court is surrounded by a 1.2m high Lexan (polycarbonate), which provides the chance of non-stop replacement similar to the ice hockey game. The rule of Slamball is four to four, allowing all physical contact (similar to ice hockey). Each game has four quarters and each quarter is six minutes. The scoring rule is that the take-off dunk outside the three-point line is three points, the dunk is three points, and the rest is two points. The team posts are divided into ball controller, scorer and defender. Punishment of Slamball for foul is very unique, that is, two players related to foul go in a one-on-one manner to solve the problem. Slamball players call this punishment as face-off.

Slamball court


Trampoline basketball is a comprehensive trampoline sport integrating strength, skills, tactics and entertainment. The cool impact and sensory experience brought by trampoline dunk are unprecedented compared with other amusement equipment. It not only inherits the skills of  traditional basketball, but also breaks through the mode of traditional playing. With the support of trampoline elasticity, players could easily do all kinds of dunk acts at will, which can fully demonstrate the vitality and freedom that players send, and build self-confidence and get the joy of satisfaction in continuous breakthroughs. At present, the common structure of trampoline with basketball hoop in the market is composed of a trampoline mat, which is made of a grid of jumping surfaces. Soft bags are laid at the spring connection between the jumping surfaces and the trampoline steel frame to prevent injury. One part of the trampoline with net is provided with two basketball frames of different heights. One is for the trampoline for adults, and the other is for the trampoline for kids. However, this structure of directly hanging basketball on the enclosure net of trampoline also has some defects that need to be improved in practical use. For example, it is easy to hit the basketball hoop and get injured by mistake when jumping up; The ball bounced off the trampoline and hit people easily; and if the ball was accidentally threw out of the trampoline, picking up the ball will become a very troublesome thing. For adults who have a certain awareness of safety, these may not be a problem, but for children, there are certain potential safety hazards and risks.

Two different types trampoline basketball

Zupapa have launched a new trampoline basketball with tunnel! We made new adjustments to the trampoline basketball hoop to meet the needs of adults with a larger jumping range. This new trampoline basketball belongs to a kind of outdoor trampoline and has no hoop and is safer for adults and kids. The design of the basketball double tunnel reduces the risk of being hit by the basketball and saves the time of picking up the ball when adults or children are throwing the ball. It not only saves your head but also your time of picking up the ball. Does it successfully draw your attention? Impatience is a virtue. Come and get one!