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How Much does a Trampoline Cost ? -- 2023 Trampoline Guide

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Trampoline is a competitive sport, which are becoming more and more popular all over the world, especially among young people. Trampoline has also become a popular sport for many Americans.

Many young people install trampolines in their backyard where they can spend their free time doing trampoline exercises. Some people like to do trampoline indoors, others like to do trampoline outdoors. Children like to play trampoline with some toys in their hands,while adults like to add props, such as armrests, to their trampolines.

trampoline competitive sport


Classification of trampolines

Trampoline is divided into trampoline for adults and trampoline for kids, which also divided into indoor trampoline and outdoor trampoline. Trampoline can also be divided into ordinary trampoline, super trampoline, bungee trampoline.

(1)Ordinary trampoline

The trampoline,which can be folded,covers an area of small. The trampoline weighs two to three hundred kilograms so that it can carry a weight of 180 kilograms.The trampoline is suitable for children aged six to eight, but lacks group interaction.

(2)Super trampoline

The trampoline covers a large area, that allows many participants at the same time. You can do the team competition, can do many moves, such as front somersault, back somersault or side somersault, large carrying capacity, can also accommodate more than ten people at a time.

Super trampoline

(3)Bungee trampoline

The bungee trampoline needs personnel to take care of it. At the same time, safety ropes are needed in the sky above the site, and large auxiliary facilities are needed to ensure safety underground.

Depending on personal experience, personal type and emotion concern, we find that some people hold the idea of cheap trampoline while others prefer expensive trampoline.

How much does a trampoline costs? There are many factors affecting the price of trampolines.

  • Shopping channel: Online Shopping Platform or Shopping Mall

If you choose to buy trampoline online, the price is as follows.

For example, on Amazon, children's trampoline, 55 inch, the price is $109.99; Adult trampoline, indoor trampoline, 48 Inch, costs from $99.9 to $179.99 ; Indoor trampoline, 15ft, costs $599.99.

On Aliexpress, children’s trampoline, 55 inch, the price is $55.10 plus 2.5 postage; Adult trampoline, indoor trampoline, 48 inch, the price is $65.21; Outdoor trampoline, 15ft, the price is $574.00.

shopping trampoline amazon


On Ebay, children’s trampolines, 55-inch trampolines are priced at US$47.99; Among adult trampolines, indoor trampolines, 48 inch, are priced at US$30; Outdoor trampolines, 15 foot, are priced at $852.14.

On the brand's official website, the prices of different trampoline brands are different. The 55-inch trampoline ranges from US$69 to US$229. Among adult trampolines, 48-inch indoor trampolines are priced from US$49 to US$169; 15 foot outdoor trampolines are priced from US$499 to US$2399.

Generally speaking, the brand's official website has more complete products and sufficient inventory, and the buying experience will be better than other sales platforms. Of course, the price will be the best trampoline price.

Department stores also sell exercise trampoline.

And if you choose a department store, the prices are as follows.

For example, Walmart supermarket in the United States, the price of a 7ft trampoline for children is $139; A 10ft trampoline for children is priced at $209 ; A 12ft trampoline for children is priced at $239.99; Among adult trampolines, indoor trampolines, 38 inch trampolines, the price is $58.99 ;55 inch trampoline, the price is $112.99 ; Outdoor trampoline, 8ft trampoline, the price is dollars $229.99 ; 16ft trampoline, the price is $669.98.

trampoline for kids


Different department stores have different prices for trampolines. You can pay attention to the real-time prices of trampolines in major shopping malls.

  • Purchase time

Starting after Thanksgiving, the mall will have a lot of discount information. If you are not in a hurry to buy, you can choose to go to the mall to buy during the discount period.

  • Specifications of trampoline

For example, on the aliexpress website, children’s trampoline, the price of a 10ft trampoline is $360.69; The price of a 12ft trampoline is $463.49; and the price of a 13ft trampoline is $565.99.

At present, the sizes of trampolines on the market are mainly: 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, etc. There are more users who buy 12ft trampolines.

  • The color of the trampoline

Choose different color, the price will be different. For example, on Zupapa website, kids's 12ft trampoline with blue color costs $549.99. In addition, trampoline with purple color costs $629.99.

The main colors of trampolines currently on the market are: Blue, Gray, Black, and Pink.

purple trampoline - zupapa trampoline for kids

  • Courier company

Choose a different courier company, the postage will be different. For example, UPS express charges based on the size of the container, and the starting price is generally $5. USPS starts at $7.35. Priority Mail Express starts at $25.5.

Generally speaking, USPS Priority Mail is the most cost-effective option for mailing packages in the United States. First of all, it is relatively fast, delivered within 1-3 business days, and includes tracking to track package information, most addresses You can ask the post office for free pick-up, which is very convenient and includes $50 insurance. However, the price is comparable to UPS Ground.

If you need to send a heavier package and the delivery time is not high, the price of UPS or FedEx Ground Shipping may be lower (depending on the delivery area), these two also include $100 insurance. Relatively speaking cheaper.

  • Requirements for trampoline accessories

In addition to some basic accessories, if you have special requirements and need to add additional accessories, the price of the trampoline will also be different.

You can consider adding trampoline ladders, trampoline springs, and trampoline mattresses to increase the fun of the game.

On the Aliexpree, the PVC safety mat costs $39.32, and the price of the Kid’s Trampoline Enclosure Pole Cap Tube Top Cover Cap is $6.65; the price of the 12-foot trampoline protection net is $39.32; the trampoline can be replaced., The price is $30.57.

Trampoline Parts & Accessories


When it comes to choosing a trampoline, some people pay attention to the brand, while others focus on the price. The famous brands of trampoline are Springfree and Zupapa.

Suggestions for choosing trampoline:

(1)Choose the type and size of trampoline you want to buy, such as that size of children's trampoline.

(2)Compare the prices of different channels, such as amazon, or other websites, different shopping malls, and different sporting goods stores.

(3)Check the evaluation of users from different channels; choose a channel with high cost performance.

(4)Choose a good time. For example, on the eve of the festival, Zupapa official website has a discount, which is cheaper than the shopping mall and the quality is good. You can buy it. If it is in a different province, there is a more favorable price. Considering the postage and other circumstances, if you think it is very cost-effective, you can also ask a friend to buy it.

(5)When purchasing a trampoline, users should consider the technology, materials and safety measures used in the trampoline. The Zupapa 12ft trampoline uses a hot-dip galvanizing process to make the trampoline frame and net pole durable. The ultraviolet absorber UV-9 is added to the materials, pads, cushions and nets to extend the test life. The trampoline spring is out of the safety net, so you don't have to worry about your child stepping on the spring when jumping.