Dome Climber is Best Enlightenment Fitness Toys for Kids

Best Enlightenment Fitness Toys for Kids: Dome Climber

A blue and yellow metal dome jungle gym settled in the backyard and under an ash tree, which looks like a huge regular honeycomb from afar. Do children like climbing dome? Could you guess that if it will become your children’s favorite outdoor climbing toy?

In fact, this kind of climber has been popular in every backyard for a long time. Because this product not only meets the children’s needs for play and exploration, but also meets the parents’ wants for the healthy growth of their children. Climbing is a physical manifestation of children’s eagerness to understand the world and an exploration of the mysterious world. The need for exploration is inherent in human beings, especially for children, to know and understand the world in a variety of ways. Most outdoor activities are supported by some equipment, such as trampolines, slides, dome climbers, or balance frames, etc., which can effectively help children do exercise and promote the harmonious relationship between parents and children.

kids climbing dome

According to statistics, among all kinds of open outdoor activities, climbing is the most favorite game for children. They can get physical exercise and psychological growth in the climbing activities. Diversified games create a happy and relaxed atmosphere for children to play, making outdoor sports become varied and interesting. However, in consideration of safety, adults always adopt safer outdoor games to avoid some uncertain risks. Therefore, to a certain extent, it also affects the activity value of outdoor games and cannot effectively give full play to the enthusiasm brought by outdoor sports. Open outdoor sports activities greatly guide children’s growth in physical and mental health.

Do not look down upon the dome climber, a large toy, because its impact on children is imperceptible but great.

kids climbing dome - zupapa dome climber

The function of kids climbing dome

1. Let children be braver and more confident

The behavior of leaving the ground and climbing up is interesting but challenging. When the baby gets over many difficulties and reaches the peak, he or she must have the same sense of achievement as adults in completing major tasks. When people gain more honors and achievements, they naturally own more confidence, and so do children.

2. Cultivate the sense of space in children’s minds

In the process of continuous dome climbing, children perceive the constant changes of distance and height, which helps them cultivate the sense of space. Children with strong senses of space know how to look at things from different angles. For example, looking out from the window of the 20th floor, the car on the road is small, but if they go downstairs and look at it on the roadside, the car becomes a behemoth, which is the preliminary formation of the concept of space.

Children playing chess in dome climbers

With such a concept, children will have the enthusiasm to constantly explore the new things.

3. Develop children’s physical coordination

In children’s early childhood, from sitting to climbing, from climbing to walking forward, it is a one-way movement of limbs, and the muscle in motion is also single. If the muscle of their bodies wants to develop in a balanced way, climbing is one of the best sports. With both hands hanging, there is a downward performance. In this action, the grip strength of fingers and palms will be stronger, and the muscles of arms, shoulders and back exert force at the same time. When climbing up, the legs push up and the arms pull up. When looking up, the muscles of the head and neck exert force. In addition, during the climbing process, the climber shakes slightly, and children’s waist and abdomen will also generate core strength to help themselves maintain balance. During the process of climbing up, there will always be mistakes, so children will try their best to overcome them before he or she is able to be in a safe position.

a kid on dome climber

4. Large amount of climbing exercise promotes physical development

Exercise secretes endorphins to produce excitement and pleasure. A large amount of exercise could help strengthen the functions of their bodies, including heart, muscle and staying supple. When your children are able to easily handle all the sports on the kids climber, his or her physical quality and coordination must be greatly improved, and will be more brave in accepting the new things.

In children’s early childhood, the most important thing parents are supposed to do is to create a healthy and upward activity atmosphere for children, so that the spirit of children will be happy and relaxed. Climbing dome in outdoor games can not only increase their skills, but also give children more mental training. As parents, you should strengthen children’s ability of self-management, cultivate their awareness of complying with rules, let them practice and manage themselves in outdoor activities, and give them more space to play freely.

kids outdoor climbers - dome climber

So what should parents do to help children do this sport better?

  1. Create an atmosphere of independent activities and improve children’s enthusiasm

In the stage of growth, children are full of strong curiosity about the changing of surroundings. At this stage, they are also very active in exploring the surrounding matters. Therefore, adults need to create such an activity atmosphere for children. Let children choose independently and actively participate in climbing activities.

  1. Provide conditions for independent activities and stimulate children’s creativity

The world of children is always simple and rich, and their hearts are simple. Therefore, parents need to provide children with different space for the development of values, so that children are able to create their own world through their own personalized needs. In the process of open climbing dome activities, the sense of ownership should also be cultivated. Therefore, the role that parents play is guiding rather than correcting.

climbing dome zupapa

Accompany with your children to go out of the living room, actively participate in outdoor activities, and discover the secrets in dome climebers! 

As parents, if we can quietly enjoy the children’s self- editing, directing and acting as bystanders, and silently accompany with them as friends, perhaps our anxiety will disappear and our family will be filled with joy and happiness.