7 Ways to Prevent Your Kids from Catching a Cold

7 Ways to Prevent Your Kids from Catching a Cold

Winter is the most common season of getting a cold because the temperature would suddenly drop. Kids have a weak immune system for preventing infections from germs and bacteria and are more vulnerable. Therefore, it is very easy for them to to catch a cold. Even if the cold is only one of the most common diseases, parents should not ignore it -- a severe cold may even cause pneumonia. Please pay attention to symptoms such as runny nose, nasal congestion, or cough that appears on your kids.

As a parent, you may wonder, " Are there any ways to avoid colds in winter for kids?" Yes, here are 7 useful tips.

Get prepared for outdoor activities

It is better to choose suitable clothes for kids that are easy to put on and take off when you go out with them. Appropriately increase or decrease the clothes whenever required. Parents can also prepare some dry towels and put them on the children's backs when they get sweaty, which can help prevent colds caused by sweating clothes. A note: The towels should be replaced immediately after getting wet.

Use sleeping bags at night

After kids fall asleep, the most troublesome problem for parents is that they would frequently kick the quilt, especially for children who like to move at night. To avoid catching a cold, after kicking the quilt in the middle of the night, It is recommended that prepare lightweight and comfortable pajamas for babies when they go to bed and prepare a comfortable sleeping bag.

Avoid crowded places

When going out with babies, parents try to avoid crowded places with poor air circulation where are usually filled with bacteria and germs. Avoiding crowded places can prevent cross infections. If you have to go to a crowded place, get the baby protected with a child-specific mask and don't stay too long. Also, remember to keep your hands clean and wash your hands when you go home.

Wash hands before touch children

Do not to touch children's faces and hands without washing your hands. It's an effective way to prevent infections through hands and mouth. Sometiomes, it may not be a big deal to adults, but children’s immune systems are not that strong, and it is very likely that young children catch a cold or cause digestive tract diseases if it is not clean. People should be more careful to prevent infections, especially for newborn babies.

Improve ventilation in the room

To prevent children from catching a cold, the room must be opened regularly for ventilation. It is better for children to stay in a room with a relatively unchangeable temperature. If unfortunately, kids get sick, it is necessary for parents to go to the hospital to ask the help of doctors as soon as possible. Parents should also consult their doctor about nursing matters such as water feeding and breastfeeding when taking the medicines. Of course, the one has a cold should not have any direct contact with young kids, especially not sitting face to face or sleeping in the same bed.

Participate in outdoor sports and boost the immune system

Allowing children to participate in outdoor sports properly can greatly reduce the chance of getting colds. Facts show that children who insist on participating in outdoor activities have a significantly lower chance of catching a cold than children who are less involved in outdoor activities and they are better able to adapt to cold weather. Generally speaking, children under the age of 2 should spend 30-60 minutes on outdoor activities while children over 2 years old should have about 2 hours of outdoor activities every day.

However, many parents fail to meet the requirements for taking their children to exercise outdoors. Parents can encourage their children to do more exercises and allow them to exercise in the natural environment, and help them set up appropriate exercise plans. Aerobic exercise is a good way to improve the body's resistance and regulate immune function.ing. For example, trampolining with a Zupapa outdoor trampoline in the back yard. It can promote blood circulation and increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, thus can boost the body's immunity system and prevent children from getting cold. Furthermore, playing wiht a trampoline can not only strengthen the body but also a pleasure for mental well-being. Lots of children like playing it.

Provide nutritent-rich diets for kids

It is vital to make sure kids have a nutritent diet. If the baby is still breastfeeding, the mother needs to pay attention to supplement nutritional food, which is also good for the baby. Parents should pay more attention to the nutritional collocation of breakfast for kids who can eat on their own. Sometimes eating the same food as an adult may not fully satisfy the baby’s nutrition needs. It is worth taking some time to prepare a special recipe for the baby.

A lot of foods can help babies improve immunity and prevent colds, vegetables, and fruits such as spinach, apples, bananas, tomatoes; meats such as cod and beef; grains such as mung beans, brown rice, red beans. These foods are rich in vitamins which can stimulate the immune system and keep people healthy. It contains vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, iron, zinc, selenium, and folic acid, etc.


In conclusion, it is important for parents to know how to avoid colds in winter. Parents should encourage their children to develop good living habits such as wearing suitable clothes depending on the weather, not going to crowded places, eating vegetables and fruits, washing hands frequently, and exercising regularly, etc. Parents should also take measures in time to prevent a colds; and calmly deal with the symptoms and seek medical treatment in time if necessary.