assemble dome climbers

How to assemble dome climbers with less effort and time

The climbing dome is an outdoor amusement equipment specially designed for children who like drilling, climbing, grasping, etc. When children climb the shelf, all parts of the body will participate in it, which not only enhances the child's physical fitness, but also enhances the child physical fitness. The coordination and balance of children's hands, eyes, limbs and other body parts contribute to the development of children's body.

Dome climbers sometimes need to assemble the climbing dome by themselves. For adult climbers, assembling the climbing frame may not be difficult, but for child climbers, assembling the climbing frame is somewhat difficult. They need a little skill from the Master. So how to assemble the climbing dome in a labor-saving and time-saving manner?

zupapa dome climber assembly

The climbing dome on the market is generally a metal jungle gym climbing dome and the plastic climbing dome has only a decimal. When buying a climbing dome, the quality of the product is very important. It is related to the long-term use of the product.

The color of the climbing dome on the market is monotonous, the top pole is easy to bend, and the shape is single. Generally, there is only a dome, and the color is dark. Generally, frosted texture poles are used. In view of this situation, Zuppa provides climbing domes in different colors, purple, green, blue, etc. The installation of the climbing dome is very important, it is related to whether it can provide a safe and comfortable sports environment.

Take Zuppa’s 10-foot climbing dome as an example. You can also follow the steps outlined in the assembly manual that came with the climbing dome.

zupapa dome climber for kids assembly

Let's see what's in the box.

Some steps in this component require more than 1 person, so make sure that at least one other adult is available.

Before we get into the assembly process, let's take a look at the tools needed to complete this job.

You need: 3/16 Allen key, 1/2 wrench and safety glasses, drill bit, 1/2 socket, socket adapter, to make this easier, we will use drill bit. You may see that we use an impact driver, if you decide to also use an impact driver, please make sure not to over-tighten or over-tighten the hardware.

Before starting, it is important to prepare a shock-absorbing surface, such as recycled rubber covering or wood chips, on which to build the climbing dome.

assembly dome climber step1

It is important to refer to the assembly manual to view the safety instructions for this build to prevent serious injury or property damage.

There are 13 steps in total, and the specific steps are as follows:

  1. In section 1, arrange the red rods marked "CPF" and the blue rods marked "CPD" in this order, and then fix them with hardware. During this assembly process, the rods will be installed on the bolts in a specific order, so be sure to follow them. Repeat the previous step 4 times for a total of 5 joints.
  2. On all 5 joints, connect 2 adjacent blue poles with another blue pole marked "CPD".Now you can only tighten the hardware with your fingers.assembly dome climber step 2
  3. The new blue pole will pass over the top of the adjacent blue pole. Make sure that the heads of these bottom bolts are on the outside to prevent injuries.
  4. Take out the 2 connectors from the previous step and connect the new red rods marked "CPC" to these blue rods here. Now you can only tighten the hardware with your fingers.
  5. Connect all the red poles in the center and add two new red poles marked with CPC.assembly dome climber step 3
  6. Remove the hardware from these blue rods, add this red rod, and then add a new blue rod labeled "CPD".Repeat for the other end of the blue rod.
  7. With the help of another person, use the same process as before to erect the assembly and add a new joint to the assembly in the previous step. When you see this picture, the next step is as follows.assembly dome climber step 4
  8. At a joint at the top, remove the flange nut and add 2 blue rods marked "CPE" and a red rod marked "CPF". After completing the previous steps, your assembly should look like the following.
  9. Remove the nut from the adjacent joint.
  10. Add the blue bar from the previous step.assembly dome climber step 5
  11. Add another blue and red pole. Repeat the previous steps to complete the circle.
  12. Connect all the red poles on the top, and then fix the rest of the hardware.
  13. Add a washer to the exposed bolt, then add the handle, making sure that the groove is aligned with the flat end of the rod, and then the flange nut.assembly dome climber step 6

At this point, the entire installation process is completed. Zupapa also has a dome climber assembling video to teach you how to easily solve the assembly problem.

In addition to the installation process, you also need to be extra careful in daily maintenance. If you move improperly, it can cause damage to the climbing dome. You may encounter the following problems in your daily life. How to clean the tent, it is recommended not to use the floor to rub the tent, because it has a waterproof coating. If you rub it hard, the waterproof layer may be rubbed off, causing the waterproof layer to fail. It is recommended that the user wipe it gently with a wet towel.

Zuppa offers different sizes of climbing domes, including 6ft, 9ft, and 10ft. The top pole of Zuppa is more durable, not easy to bend, and has a dome shape and a flat top. At the same time, Zuppa also provides tents for climbing dome, swings for climbing dome, hammocks for dome climber, etc., allowing you and your family to enjoy more happiness when doing the dome climbing.