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What kind of Wonderful Experience is Using a Trampoline as a Bed

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In recent years, many parents buy the trampoline which can improve the attraction of their courtyard, to distract their children from the digital products such as xbox, computer or ipad. However, most of them just use trampoline as a entertainment facility. Actually, the trampoline is more functional than they image and not just suitable for kids. Although some medical experts claim that the trampoline is too soft to support our spinal column and people shouldn’t sleep on it for a long term, it cannot stop people using trampoline as a bed when they held a party or camp in their courtyard. In the following paragraphs, I would provide the handy guide about how to transform your trampoline to a comfortable bed which can be used in your courtyards and tell you how it feels. 

trampoline as bed for family

What are trampoline beds?

Essentially, every trampoline which are big enough to hold an adult can be transformed to a bed. Actually, people sleeping on a trampoline can be easily effected by the weather, such as the wind and rain. Therefor, trampoline beds set outdoor usually include a tent to keep who sleep on it out of the rain and wind. In addition, the tent can also keep the heat in it. Thus, you don’t need to worry about that people stay insight would get a cold even they spend a whole night there.

If you are ready to build a trampoline bed in your backyard, please check the size of your trampoline first. Then you need to search a specific accessory tent that can be installed into you trampoline. However, if you don’t have a trampoline yet but want a trampoline bed, just check before to confirm that the tent or clubhouse available for the model. If the trampoline manufacture doesn’t produce the matched tent or you don’t want to build an expensive tent, you can also make it by yourself. Further, you should also check the weight limit of your trampoline before you sleep on it even you don’t plan to jump on it. That’s really important for your safety. 

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How to make a trampoline bed by yourself?

Making a trampoline bed by yourself is the best choice for those who don’t want to spend extra fee or cannot find a suitable tent online. However, you must need some tuition. I’m pretty sure that you can improve the relationships between you family members in this procedure.

The easier method of making it is to use a waterproof cover like a tarpaulin to cover the trampoline with a support of a pole, if you don’t expect adults using it.

In addition, if you want your trampoline bed more comfortable, try to use some pillow and bed sheet to keep it soft and warm.

Another choice is making a hanged trampoline bed. However, you should be noticed that no one are allowed to bounce on it, even a little child.wonderful experience that sleep trampoline bed

Let’s go camping with trampolines as a bed!

How long haven’t you spent a whole night with someone you love under the clear sky which is fulfill of shining stars and moon? If you are always busy on your work and your family members or girlfriend complains about it, please give them a courtyard camping with a trampoline bed. You can also decorate your tent with fairy light which make your accommodation much more cozy. In this way, you cannot only relief the stress and forget all the stuffs related to you job, but also have a long chat with your partner or kids to know more about their recent situation.

Through this kind of family activities, people can build up the trust in their family and give more understanding to each other. Just image the atmosphere, everyone sit around the campfire and barbecue. They laugh out loudly and smile with some jokes or stories. Then, when you get tired, you both sleep on a soft and comfortable trampoline bed and talk whisper beside ears. What a harmony and romantic image!

Further, this activity is really suitable for some stargazers. If you want to travel to a rural area to observe the stars, you must want a perfect accommodation when you get tired. Well, you must consider about carrying a trampoline bed because it can meet all your requirement. You can lay on an uncover trampoline to observe various constellations if you get tired of your telescope and sleep with the moonlight and the twinkling stars.

sleep in trampoline night

However, please check the weather prediction to make sure that the weather will be fine when you go camping.

Create an atmosphere you need to prepare 

Except stuffs talked above, you can also prepare other things to improve the atmosphere. First, you need to clean it up before you use it as a bed, because in daily activities, children would leave a lot of sweat and bring some dirt and dust on it. Second, for preventing rolling and falling off the trampoline to cause unnecessary injuries, you must guarantee the safety net was installed well. If your trampoline didn’t come with one, you should consider buying one online.

Third, prepare enough snacks and fun item before the party, especially when your kids cannot fall asleep with a doll. Fourth, don’t forget to bring a music player. During the party, you can play some exciting music, and you can also play the soft music which can help you relax and fall asleep easily when you are ready to sleep. Finally, you may not want to stay around by some small insect such as mosquitoes and bugs, so an insect repellent is a necessity.

outdoor trampoline as bed

You can also using indoor trampolines as a bed!

If you really like the feeling of lying on a trampoline bed and you wish to sleep or play on the trampoline bed even in the a cold or stormy weather, you can also set your 8ft trampoline bed in your house. Then, every time when you want to enjoy the atmosphere of camping, you can stay on the trampoline bed. It would be much more relaxing even when you work on it.

Try using a trampoline as a bed with your family

Thanks for reading all message from Zupapa, you have already gotten all points about how to set up a trampoline bed, organizing a party with trampoline bed and the benefits brought by the trampoline bed. Only if you follow safety procedures outlined above, congratulation that you can have a sweet camping activity and enjoy the time with your family or friends.

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At last, Zupapa hope all the readers of this article can have a sweet or romantic time with your family or partner. If you have any question, please contact us.

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