Trendy Sport for Kids : Trampoline

What the “trampoline age”

Studies have shown that, humans are more active than they ever will be in their childhood. It’s nature of children to be active. Knowing that, we could comprehend why children are always alive and kicking, like to make noise as well.

In my memory, every time I went to the amusement park, the trampoline, which was the devotion of all the kids in that time, is also my first choice. With the passage of time, the new generation has new “playthings”. We often see a scene that a group of kids gathered together, no talking, just looking down at their phones. It reminds me of the days when I was jumping on the trampolines with a smiling face.

Let me introduce the "treasure" of my childhood to the littte ones, who just always stay at home with the "cold machine". Trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment made of PVC net cloth for children to jump, which entertains players like the surface of beds. Steel trampolines are the most common to us, which divided into trampolines for toddlers, trampolines for kids and trampolines for adults according to age.

Amusement park trampoline


Obviously, trampolining is for all ages. Maybe it’s time for the youngsters to look up and just jump onto the airs.

Trampoline has become the trend of children's sports

It has become a trend that the physique of contemporary teenagers is getting worse and worse. In order to change this situation, parents are also willing to reduce the burden of their children's study, but to increase some out sport activities instead. In winter, when the cold weather makes outdoor sports unsuitable for children, trampolines in warm rooms are a new favor for both parents and their kids. Although, like what I have said just now, children are less interested in sports today, they have to listen to their parents in this age group.

The “title” of parent-child sport is not the only reason why trampolines are growing more popular today. The second advantage, ”reduce fat shape, refuse obesity”.

Childhood obesity has become a global hot issue. According to WHO, up to 2013, the number of overweight or obese children was 42 million, who was just aged 5 and even below. It is estimated that by 2025, nearly 70 million children will be overweight, that’s a crazy figure. Trampolining is a better way to burn calories than regular exercise such as jogging. Because when you jump on the trampoline, an unstable surface, your body will mobilize all core muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. Therefore, sticking with a longer exercise can help promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation, prevent and reduce obesity and other symptoms.

70 million children will be overweight


The third advantage, ”strengthen the body and prevent disease”. Large jumps on the trampoline can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, so as to prevent and reduce the effect of disease, such as lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Regular Jumping could help adjust the body, especially the stomach, back and legs.

At last, trampoline exercise can improve parent-child relationship. Now most of the children start playing with mobile phones or IPAD and other electronic products under the bad guidance of their parents. Parents do not really communicate and understand with their children. Over time, they will have a certain estrangement with their children. Therefore, participating in trampoline can not only get rid of bad habits, but also promote and improve pro-relationship and family harmony.

Now, trampoline has become a growing trend under the shadow of laziness. That’s what we want to see.

trampoline sport for kids


Where we trampolining

Telling the goodness about the trampoline, it’s not difficult for us to understand the appearance of “Trampoline park”.

Thinking of the trampolining as an indoor sport, most people choose the trampoline park as the first place to enjoy.

Trampoline park is a place where children gathered, the children will see what the other children do, and observe other children's communication skills. During the play with great passion, the children contact each other for the first time will also join the previous group, and then play together.  Meet partners and communicate with each other here, the situation will stimulate the language ability of them.

If children want to play on the trampoline outdoors, their family could consider to purchase a kid trampoline.

What are necessary when playing trampoline

When a family own a kid trampoline, they can take it at a picnic, their kids will attain double pleasure from both sport and scenery. Before having fun, We all know that children safety is of primary importance.

adult play trampoline with kids

Children jumping on a trampoline, it would bounce up, and its direction, amplitude will change after being stressed. If the center of gravity is slightly skewed, the spine is slightly out of control, the child may fall off, and the vertebra, joint, ligament and so on may be damaged.

The right protective posture is: when you feel you are about to fall, it is best to cross your arms in front of chest, using your back or hips to land on the net, so that the worst case will only be skin injury. Significantly, it is very dangerous for two kids to bounce on the trampoline, if one loses balance and falls down, he or she will bump into others.

For the safety, the selection of a wonderful spotless is also important. When parents purchase the home trampoline, should pay attention to the quality, the size, the convenience of use and other factors. If I had to make a recommendation about trampoline, my first choice must be “Zupapa”.

zupapa 15ft trampoline


As a trusted trampoline brand, Zupapa’s products have a sales history of more than ten years and they are dedicated to bring high-quality trampolines to millions of families. For kids, there are outdoor and indoor types. Certified by ASTM and TUV, and buy with confidence.

 The adults have the duty to choose a home trampoline which can make a safe and fun jumping environment for kids.

In the end

Now we have a rudimentary knowledge of trampoline. I hope that could transform the attitude of the homeboys. When the spare time, just take the trampoline outside with the whole family, and enjoy jumping!