How to Maintain Dome Climbers?

How to Maintain Dome Climbers?

In the world, more and more children like climbing dome, because it can improve children's motor skills and muscle quality, and improve children's physical coordination ability. Some children also bring their outdoor climbing toys when climbing.

When you buy dome climbers, you need to buy different types of dome climbers according to the age of the user, including kids climbing dome and adults climbing dome. Dome climber is also divided into metal jungle gym dome and plastic climbing dome. In addition, there is a geo dome climber specially designed for geographic enthusiasts.

Zuppa offers different sizes of dome climbers, including 6FT, 9FT and 10FT dome climbers. Zuppa provides installation video for you to quickly install your dome climber, and there are many colors to choose from. The horizontal pole at the top thickens the wall thickness of the pole, making it safer and stronger. There is no need to worry about the sudden breaking of the pole, which will affect the safety of children.

dome climber for kids

If we learn to better maintain the dome climber, we can bring future benefits. First, appropriate maintenance methods can prolong the service life of the dome climber. Second, daily maintenance to provide safety guarantee for children in daily use. Third, if the maintenance method is improper, we can need to buy the climbing dome again, so mastering the correct maintenance method and correctly maintaining the dome climber can save our family expenses.

In the process of daily use, how do we need to maintain the climbing dome?

(1)Installation position of dome climber

Try to avoid installing the dome climber in the place with more rain and in the place exposed to the sun.

Do not install it in an uneven position, which will cause the dome climber to slip easily and cause us to be in danger during use. If the dome climber cannot be parallel to the ground due to improper installation, it is necessary to adjust the position of some parts or reinstall the dome climber.

Generally speaking, dome climbers can be installed as long as they are on level ground. However, if the dome climber is installed on bare grass, it is not the best choice, because the ground may harden or become muddy at different times of the year. Rubber chips or mats are best because wood chips are easier to blow away and they may induce cats to use the area as a huge dustbin.

assemble dome climbers for kids

(2)Anti-rust of dome climber

General climbing domes are made of stainless steel. If the outer layer of the dome climber you buy has metal, in order to prevent it from rusting, you should install the dome climber in a place with less rain, and try to set rain blocking measures for the dome climber. Once the dome climber is rusted, it is necessary to remove the rust and remove the oil or other stains on the surface.

(3)Cleaning of dome climber

The dome climber needs to be cleaned regularly, to wash away the dust and attachments on it and avoid the corrosion of the dome climber by the attachments for a long time. Generally, it can be washed with clean water.

When wiping, you can use cotton software or soap to wipe gently without too much force. Acid cleaning system cannot be used.

Regularly check whether there are foreign matters on the dome climber, such as chewing gum, small organisms, etc. If foreign matters are found, they should be removed immediately.

It is recommended placing sports mats around the dome climber. On the one hand, it can prevent children from falling and hitting the head from being injured. On the other hand, it can effectively prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the dome climber.

Regularly remove the dust from the dome climber to reduce the accumulation of sundries.

(4)Cleaning time of dome climber

It is generally recommended cleaning the dome climber in the evening, to avoid the metal fracture of the dome climber due to the flushing of the dome climber at noon and the hot dome climber encountering cold water.

(5)Regular inspection of dome climber

    You need to check the dome climber regularly. Each part should be checked regularly and carefully. Pay attention to whether the screws are loose, whether the joints of the dome climber are loose, separated or broken, or whether there are problems such as open welding. If so, repair it in time to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

Replace parts of dome climber

(6)  Humidity of the environment

It is very important to maintain indoor humidity, which can avoid no dust at the moving part of the dome climber and effectively reduce the wear of the dome climber.

(7)  Timing fastening of dome climber node

Regularly refuel, fasten or replace the worn parts of the instrument dome climber. The purpose of this is to prevent some parts from falling off inadvertently, which will bring potential security threats to our movement.

(8)  Replace parts of dome climber

Always keep some parts that are easy to be damaged, such as screws, joints, steel wire ropes, tips, pulleys and grips, for timely replacement.

(9)  Corrosion condition

Check whether the dome climber is corroded. If the paint is worn off, you can spray some anti-corrosion paint.

(10)  Accessories of dome climber

Check whether the accessories or repair tools are complete. If they are missing, they need to be supplemented. The accessories of the dome climber also need to be cleaned regularly.

(11)  Adjust the gap of dome climber

According to the actual situation, we can properly adjust the gap of the dome climber. 

(12)  Around of dome climber

Do not install task weights next to the dome climber, which may cause physical damage to you and your family.

kids climbing dome climber

If the dome climber purchased is made of good material and made of superior stainless steel, it will be safe and durable. At the same time, when buying dome climbers, try to buy light ones with more weight at most, which will be convenient for installation and use. It would be better if the dome climber purchased has UV protection, helps to prevent the equipment from fading, and is weather resistant.

However, there are several points to pay attention to when using the kids dome climber.

  • Adults are forbidden to use it, and children must be protected by their parents.
  • Do not play when using the equipment.
  • Limited number of people: 10.
  • Don't hit the pole of the climbing dome with your body. It's easy to get hurt and shorten the life of the climbing dome.
  • Don't play on the dome climber.
  • Always maintain three contact points for maximum safety.
  • Don't climb the wet dome climber.
  • No loose or potentially dangerous clothes, such as scarves, coats, etc.
  • Trousers and shirts can help prevent peeling of elbows and knees.