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How to Use 12FT Trampoline to Develop Children’s Jumping Ability

Some preschool children will face some basic problems of vestibular disorders such as limb coordination and body balance in the process of growing up. Trampoline jumping is a very effective way to treat the vestibular diseases. Because jumping and doing trampoline exercise can stimulate the development of children’s vestibular system, improve the integration of physical body and vestibular sense, enhance their balance ability, and develop their coordination ability between limbs and brain. That means under such training their sports ability will become more and more mature. Admittedly, The trampoline jumping for kids is also an important way to cultivate their emotional stability and brave spirit. Therefore, it is vital to choose a suitable and safe trampoline for your children. We Zupapa is a trampoline expert. And we are committed to the research and development of trampoline. With a sales history of more than ten years and our high-quality trampolines, today we bring you our best-sellers — 12ft trampoline. The size of the 12ft trampoline is very conventional and belongs to the middle size. This size is the most economical and practical in all sizes. Because it won’t occupy too much space at home and it won’t be too small putting in the yard. And this is also the best size for trampoline gymnastics. Wherever you put it, it’s just perfect and right. In general, it can meet the needs of most families.

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The rationality of the method of vestibular sense training on trampoline jumping is also very important. If the method is not right, the effect will be counterproductive. For infants whose sports development is still in the primary stage, they may be a little afraid when they start playing trampoline. At this time, adults need to be with them playing together. Through the elasticity of the trampoline, your bodies vibrate up and down, and gradually adapt to the elasticity of trampoline. Or you can even let your children lie prone on the bed to enjoy the kind of elastic sports. After slowly getting accustomed to the trampoline, you could lead them stand up, jump gently, and start to feel the up-down elasticity of the trampoline. At this time, the child must try to maintain physical balance. This balance control process promotes muscle development and strengthens the children’s vestibular sensory perception. Practice has proved that bouncing is the first choice for babies aged 1 ~ 3 to grow taller.

Develop Children’s Jumping Ability


The specific methods are as follows:

1. When the baby is about 10 months old, he or she could stand up. Parents hold the baby’s armpits on both sides with their hands and help the baby stand up. At this time, the baby will jump frequently.

2. When the baby is one and a half years old, he or she learns to walk naturally. Parents could take a cushion with the thickness of 10 ~ 20 cm and put it on the bed or floor to guide the baby to stand on the cushion and jump down.

3. After the age of two, the baby’s sports ability is significantly enhanced. Parents guide the baby to learn animal jumping, such as rabbit jumping and cat jumping. After this, parents could lead the children to experience the trampoline joy.

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But how could children feel the greatest joy of trampoline? The answer is that 12ft trampoline could make it.

12ft trampoline has a 12ft diameter mat, which provide the most suitable space for children to jump. If the trampoline is too big, children cannot accurately control their explosive power when jumping. But if the jumping space is too small, it’s very hard for them to enjoy it and have fun. Therefore, Zupapa has two kinds of 12ft outdoor trampoline, Saffun and Safump. Saffun is our latest trampoline with safety extranet employing upgraded techniques and technology to make products have a longer life. Hot-dip galvanizing process makes the Zupapa trampoline frame and net pole last for decades. UV absorber uv-9 was added to material, pad, mat and net, to extend the trial life. With safety intranet, Safump 12ft outdoor trampoline has 72 springs and other trampolines usually only have 60. More springs means more bounce, and it will bring more fun. Trampoline springs are outside the safety net, so there is no risk of hands or feet getting caught in the gap. All of our products has passed TVU and ASTM certification, which means you could totally believe in its safety.

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Guidelines for Trampoline jumping

Training time: 2-3 times a week, and 20-30 minutes each time.

Training method:

    1. Parents and children sit on the trampoline and shake the body up and down with the elasticity of the trampoline.
    2. For children who dare not jump on the trampoline, in order to reduce their fear, parents could jump with children on their backs.
    3. Let children lie prone on the trampoline. Then parents could gently jump on the trampoline to bounce the children up, so that they will experience the ups and downs of the trampoline.
    4. Let the children lie prone on the trampoline and lift the head, neck and chest as high as possible. This way can strengthen the children’s vestibular system and promote their formation of muscle.parents jump with kids


  1. Let children jump freely on the trampoline, or jump on the trampoline with both hands holding a ball, or play a game of throwing and catching the ball with parents.
  2. Let children jump on the trampoline and put the ball into the designated basket.
  3. Hang a balloon above the trampoline and let the children hit the target every time they jump. Or hang a net basket above the trampoline to let children throw the ball into the net when jumping. This game can help children establish a correct vestibular inherent feeling in the air. And judging visual space is also very helpful for hand-eye coordination.
  4. Let two children face to face, stand on the trampoline hand in hand, and jump together, or jump together with a small hula hoop, so as to train their ability to coordinate movement with each other, and enhance visual stability through eye to eye contact during jumping.
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