kids play trampoline in winter

Is it Suitable to Play Trampoline in Winter

Do trampolining exercise in winter

As the saying goes, "In summer keep exercising during the hottest days; in winter do the same thing during the coldest weather". Although its original meaning refers to: we can not be afraid of heat in summer, and can not be afraid of cold in winter. Exercising can not be interrupted because of the changes in summer and winter. Likewise, that is so-called "Practice makes perfect, shortage in play."

For people who love sports, these two sentences are more often mentioned. It's worth advocating that the exercise plans will never be affected by the weather outside, if it is rain or shine.

After all, winter is a time that is very different from other seasons. The temperature drops significantly, there is more rain and snow, and the air probably circulates less well. Therefore, we should pay more attention to avoid harm and get more beneficial to our health, if trampolining in this period.

trampoline with snow


The advantages of trampolining in winter

Cold weather in winter, people's resistance will drop a lot. At this time, trampolining can strengthen the metabolism of body, the antibodies in the blood will increase due to the stimulation of cold, the body's resistance will be enhanced. Compared with others, children who exercise in the winter have a lower risk of lung and bronchial diseases and are generally less likely to catch a cold.

In addition, because the body has to burn more calories to maintain the internal temperature in cold weather, trampolining in winter burns more calories in the same conditions than it does in hot weather. When cold air comes into contact with a warm body, the amount of calories burned during trampolining increases slightly, (increasing by about 3 to 7 percent). So, trampolining will be the first choice for the children who struggling with obesity.

On account of staying in the same position for a long time, studying or playing with digital devices, more and more children now suffer from back pain at an early age. As the temperature drops, blood vessels tend to constrict, blood circulation becomes worse, and even muscles contract rapidly, which makes the problem of back pain more serious. Some motions in trampolining are stretched to promote blood circulation, which can generate heat from inside to outside, then to achieve the effect of relieving muscle pain.

kid trampolining in winter


When it's cold, children’s body feels less wet and hot, which stimulates the “cold mechanism”. The body generates more heat response and increases the production of endorphins. This will make the body produce "happiness", that’s very well-suited to the characteristic of high intertestingness of trampolining. so trampolining in winter will be more fun!

The safety of trampolining in winter

Children prefer some places like amusement parks or ice rinks to traditional sports. But going to these places often takes a lot of time and money. Parents need to work and don’t have much free time to play with their children. Every family with children should have a outdoor trampoline, which can be installed at home as a sports tool and small entertainment area. Through the trampoline, parents can play with their children during the rest time on weekdays.

trampoline fun in winter
Most children do not have a strong sense of self-protection and are at high risk of injury when playing sports outdoors. Trampolines can be installed indoors to reduce the risk of children being exposed to danger. In order to keep fit, children need some aerobic exercise. But sports like cycling and swimming are not suitable for winter, the indoor air could ensure that children are less probable to have a cold and other diseases. So trampoline is a good choice for winter exercise. I’m sure some people would think that treadmills would also be good for indoor exercise, but treadmills take up a lot of space, and the average home doesn’t have enough room for a treadmill. In contrast to treadmills, trampolines can be inflated at the point of use and then folded up and stored in a cabinet. Compared to traditional indoor sports equipment, trampoline use does not rely on store or other energy, which is more environmentally friendly and economical. More importantly, treadmills are not suitable for children of all ages.

When we consider the safety of the trampoline itself, there are three points the parents have to take into account.

First, safety of trampoline’s steel frame: the main frame is the core of the trampoline, and the hard metal frame is one of the biggest dangers to the children’s face. Bumping on the steel frame can lead to scratches, even severe fractures, skull damage and more! Therefore, the primary of evaluating trampoline’s safety is whether the trampoline frames are exposed.

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Second, the safety of trampoline’s soft bag and pads: the trampoline's soft bags and protective pads are designed to prevent children from hitting directly into the steel frames while playing. High-quality soft bag and protective pad are not only full, but also more crashproof and durable. But the inferior ones will appear to collapse after being hit for many times, and can not play a role in protecting kids.

Third, spring safety of trampoline: spring, as the key accessory of trampoline, high quality spring can reach its original service life, in the normal use of frequency and force range. It is recommended that investors need to check whether the spring regularly

If you have a trampoline made by Zupapa, all these risks can be avoided. Zupapa’s trampolines are made of high-quality materials, and the manufacturing level is believing. And the trampoline springs are out of the safety net, so you don't have to worry about your kids stepping on the spring when they jumping.

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Exercise is a long-term process, a man who lacks perseverance can't achieve his fitness purposes forever.

In winter, the low temperature outside, will inevitably make people fear and lazy. Everyone has the inertia, especially the children, it is easy to interrupt if a formation of habit is at the stage of the beginning.

Therefore, making a reasonable exercise plan is a premise to ensure the regular the trampolining sports in winter. The plan should take full account of the weather, not just the form and amount of exercise. For example, take indoor trampolining on rainy and snowy days; take the family trampoline out to the grass, have a good time together with the whole family on sunny days.