What to Do with Old Trampolines (9 DIY Ideas to Repurpose It)

What to Do with Old Trampolines (9 DIY Ideas to Repurpose It)

It’s that old trampoline again, which hurts you every time you're ready to clean up your backyard. It takes up a huge amount of space. However, it hasn't been used for a long time, with dead leaves covering the mat and cobwebs taking over the net. You don't know what to do with it, such a dilapidated trampoline, even if it is put on the Craigslist, no one wants to take it away. Dismantling it is not an easy job. You don't want to take a hacksaw to it because you'll spend a week out there.

So, what to do with your annoying old trampoline? Are there any creative ideas to help?

Yes! Your ugly old trampoline could be repurposed into something quite stylish and unique. Do you know? Your old trampoline can also be a chicken coop, a bed, a hammock, and so forth! Check the 9 old trampoline ideas below to get inspired!

Top 1: Old Trampoline Play Forts

If your trampoline no longer fits for bouncing, you can turn it upside down and create a trampoline play fort for your kids! Every kid loves the play forts, which are considered to be safe places for them to enjoy their secrete time. Turn out your old bedsheets, use the rope to fix it on the frame, a secret fortress is built! If you like, decorate colorful lights on the trampoline mat, and then you and your kids can enjoy the fort fun even at night!

Old Trampoline Play Fort

Top 2: Old Trampoline Hammocks / Hanging Swings

Yes, a trampoline can be turned into a gigantic hammock or hanging swing! Remove the legs of your old trampoline and then attach ropes to it, a hanging hammock forms. Your trampoline mat is badly damaged and only the ring of the trampoline frame is left? Doesn’t matter at all! You can weave a net with ropes at where the mat locates!

Old Trampoline Hammock

Top 3: Old Trampoline Chicken Coop

This is my favorite idea — transforming a used trampoline into a chicken coop! There are many successful old trampoline chicken coops of different shapes and styles you can find on Pinterest and Instagram. With such an old trampoline chicken coop in your farm, you can remove it to wherever you want, which is great for the land and helps to keep your chicken feed costs down. 

Trampoline Chicken Coop

Top 4: Old Trampoline Doghouse

In addition to a chicken coop, you can also turn your old trampoline into a doghouse. The legs of the trampoline are the support points, while the trampoline mat can be used to keep out the wind and rain.

Old Trampoline Doghouse

Top 5: Old Trampoline Sleepover

A trampoline sleepover is an ideal choice for a summer night! The entire family can enjoy a movie night together on that. When feel exhausted, just enjoy a sweet night on your trampoline bed. There is no need to step out of it and move back to your bedroom!

Trampoline Sleepover

Top 6: Old Trampoline Backyard Camping Tent

Add a tent on your old trampoline, and then your family can enjoy camping in your backyard.  For this old trampoline idea, your trampoline attrition can't be too bad, or your trampoline may not be able to give you safe support.

Old Trampoline Backyard Camping Tent

Top 7: Old Trampoline Backyard Garden

Ever dreamed of one day having your own garden? To grow your favorite vegetables and add a little surprise to your table that you grew with your own hands? It's the time! You can grow the vegetables you like on your old trampoline. Sounds crazy? Of course not! Simply collect the frame sections together and then use string or something like that to tie your vegetable pot to the supporting frame! Everything is done. It's time to wait for the growing of your saplings! You can also flip the whole trampoline over and plant your favorite vegetables in the area circled by the trampoline!

Old Trampoline Backyard Garden

Top 8: Old Trampoline Garden Swimming Pool

When the hot summer comes, there is nothing better than jumping into a pool in your backyard! If you have no swimming pool yet, create one! Here is a creative idea — get yourself a pool from your old trampoline!

Trampoline Sleepover

Top 9: Old Trampoline Greenhouse

If you need something like a shady retreat for sun sensitive plants, you need a greenhouse! Your trampoline frame can be the frame of a greenhouse too. All you have to do is to take off the feet next to the ring, and then place the entire ring vertically. After that, wrap the plastic wrap around the frame you ride on. Of course, just one ring is not enough, you need to add more stainless steel materials to complete the construction of the entire greenhouse.

 Trampoline Greenhouse


You’ve now got 9 ideas to get the most out of the use of your old trampoline, including play forts, hammocks / hanging swings, chicken coop, doghouse, sleepover, backyard camping tent, backyard garden, garden swimming pool, greenhouse, etc. It's your turn to show us your creations! Which idea do you prefer and want to have a try?

If you have no interest on the old trampoline repurposing. You can also get a new outdoor trampoline from our best-selling trampolines for sale!