Trampoline Tricks: Tuck Jump, Pike Jump, Straddle Jump, Half/Full Jump, Seat Drop, Knee Drop, Doggy Drop, Front Drop, Back Drop, Back Handspring, Front Handspring, Backflip, Frontflip, Sideflip, Barani

9 Easy Trampoline Tricks for Beginners and 6 for Intermediate 2023

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Trampolines are so much fun, especially when you can play well tricks on them!

Have you ever tried trampoline tricks before? 

Not yet? You may look for some easy trampoline tricks to take your first step. 

Intermediates? Want some advanced trampoline tricks to improve your skills?

This is such a guide to help you all. Here you will get a list of 9 easy tricks and 6 cool advanced tricks for both adults and kids! Each trampoline trick is well introduced here with the help of cartoon images. 

Let’s check them out and find the best trampoline trick for you to have fun and impress your friends now!

What are Trampoline Tricks and How to Do Tricks on Trampoline?

Trampoline tricks usually refer to flip skills while jumping on a trampoline, which improve your body awareness and self-confidence. There are some easy basic ones for beginners like front drop and backdrop and advanced tricks for intermediates. 

9 Easy Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

9 Easy Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

Top 1: Tuck Jump

Tuck Jump is one kind of vertical jumps that raising knees to the chest of the jumper while he or she jumps up in the air. The jumper’s body is folded, looking like he or she is crouching on the ground.

Top 2: Pike Jump

Pike Jump allows you to jump into the air and straighten your legs parallel to the ground, while folding your torso over your lower body. 

Top 3: Straddle Jump

Straddle is keeping the legs together when jumping side to side or front to back. It'll help to start with some weight in the fingers. The jump of your hips can be more up, less forward, which is easier to catch.

Top 4: Half/Full Jump

The Half Jump is the kind of technique that allows you to flip backwards and change the direction and then face forwards. The full flip is a bit like the loop, but with a toe take off versus the edge take off.

Top 5: Seat Drop

Seat Drop, as its name implies, is a kind of jumping that landing on the trampoline mat on your butt. This trampoline trick requires you to jump straight up and land on your butt on the exact place where you jumped from, with your legs straighten to the original standing position. 

Top 6: Knee Drop

Jump, drop to your knees, bounce while on your knees, and proceed to jumping normally.” You will jump about little under average hight, then you will bring your feet to your butt and point them. You land on you knee/legs parallel to the trampoline and when landing, it will bounce you up, and you can stand again. 

Top 7: Doggy Drop

The dog drop is very similar to the knee drop, but rather than landing on your knees alone, you will land on your hands and knees at the same time. This landing is in a unique dog posture, hence the name doggy drop.

Top 8: Front Drop

The Front Drop is also known as belly drop. It is the kind of basic trampoline tricks in which you jump from an upright position and land directly on the front of your location. Before your landing, you stretch your hands and legs as straight as possible.

Top 9: Back Drop

Backdrop is a related version of Front Drop. To do a backdrop, you jump in an upright position, and land on your back. Remember to keep your arms go upward when jumping. When in air, allow your body straight, with your legs slightly higher than your head.

6 Cool Trampoline Tricks for Intermediate

6 Cool Trampoline Tricks for Intermediate

Once you can do all the basic jumps mentioned above, it's time to try more advanced tricks. Here is a list of 6 cool trampoline tricks for you to get inspired! For safety concerns, you are suggested to do the advanced tricks below on a trampoline with enclosure

Top 1: Back Handspring

To do back handsprings, first you need to use your leg strength to push off the floor, and then do a backwards drop onto your back, followed by a beautiful arch in the air. You will first land with your arms. Using your arm strength to push off, and then make a perfect land with your feet. A full back handspring is finished.

Top 2: Front Handspring

Front Handspring enjoys an opposite process of back handspring. To do a front handspring, you will hit the trampoline mat with your arms first and then make a back arch in the air before landing with your feet.

Top 3: Backflip

A full backflip is composed of three parts, the takeoff, the tuck, and the landing. This trampoline trick allows you to start and land on the same position where you flip 360 degrees around backwards if you try it correctly and perfectly.

Top 4: Frontflip

To start a front flip, you are suggested to run five or six steps or so to gain speed and momentum. Then jump with your feet. Make a rotation in the air and then land on the position where you start with your feet. 

Top 5: Sideflip

Sideslip is the side version of backflip and front flip. You jump with your feet, make a side turn and then land with your feet together. The two differences between sideflip and the backflip/frontflip are that you won’t land on the same position as the former flips do, and you make side turns instead of back or front ones.

Top 6: Barani

Barani flip is also known as front flip half twist. In short, A Barani is a front somersault with a half twist before landing.

What Is the Easiest Flip to Do on A Trampoline?

Among all the trampoline tricks mentioned above, the front drop is considered to be the easiest trampoline trick to make a start, followed by the backdrop. 

Warm Tips about Trampoline Tricks

  1. Warm Up First

No matter what level do you belong, you are highly suggested to warm yourself up before trying the trampoline tricks.

  1. Keep Your Distance from Other Jumpers

If there are more than one jumper on the trampoline, you should take care and always keep your distance from others, or you or your partners may get injured.

  1. Try Trampoline Tricks on Trampolines with Enclosure

A safe enclosure allows you to make jumps and turns on the trampoline without worrying about your falls. Therefore, you can jump as crazy as you like. 

What to Do on Your Trampoline Besides the Tricks?

In addition to jumping and trampoline tricks, there are many games you can play on a trampoline, such as Ring Around the Rosy, Crazy Counting, Pop the Popcorn, Don’t Wake the Baby, Dead Man Rise, etc. If you are interested, you can check 14 Fun Trampoline Games to Play with Your Friends and Family to get inspired!