Effective Tips and Tricks to Make Trampolines Bouncier

Effective Tips and Tricks to Make Trampolines Bouncier

To make your trampoline more bouncy, here are a few tips to keep your zupapa trampoline bouncy for years of use.
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Bouncing is a relaxing and stress-relieving activity, and both adults and children can bounce on a trampoline for the simple pleasure of it. However, prolonged use can also cause the trampoline to gradually lose its elasticity. To be able to make a trampoline last for a long time, how to keep it resilient or even make it bouncier is something that trampoline owners need to know.

All it takes is some simple maintenance and modifications to restore its bounce. Maintain and extend the good times of jumping. That's why we've compiled some effective tips and tricks for making your trampoline bouncier.

Girl bouncing on trampoline


(Girl bouncing on trampoline) 

Deep cleaning

Understanding how to clean a trampoline isn't difficult, but you probably haven't deep-cleaned it yet. First, the springs are critical to clean. Some dirt has likely made the springs less flexible. And accumulated debris can add weight to your trampoline, so it's important to clean your trampoline regularly every year and let it dry completely.

Checking the trampoline mat

Regularly check your trampoline mat for any damage, such as holes, tears, etc. Trampoline mats are quite important for the bounce of the trampoline. If the damage is very severe, contact your trampoline manufacturer to give you a brand-new trampoline mat.

If you notice sagging in your trampoline mat, tighten the fabric first. Make sure there is even tension. Also, make sure that the trampoline mat is securely fastened to the frame with no gaps to avoid safety hazards. 

Tighten or replace the spring

Just like checking a trampoline mat, check the condition of the springs. If any are loose use a tool to tighten them. If any of the springs are broken, or rusty, it is best to just replace them with new ones. Again ensure that the springs are firmly fixed at both ends for maximum bounce.

Trampoline Springs


(Zupapa Trampoline springs) 

Clear the space below

Confirm that the trampoline is set up on a smooth surface. And that there is no debris or gathered cover underneath. A flat, stable bottom is vital to allow the trampoline to bend freely on impact. It also ensures safety.

Lubricate shaft points

Lubricating the parts of the trampoline will also help. Specialized equipment lubricants can be used to condition rusted and deteriorated parts. Special attention needs to be paid to areas such as brackets, springs, and connections. These moving parts should be smooth when in use to promote an energized flow of bouncing.

Follow the rules of use

Follow the rules of trampoline use as well as understand the load bearing, only one person can bounce at a time. And avoid having too many people on the trampoline to put pressure on the frame. Be sure to install safety nets properly and use safety equipment as well. Remember, safety comes first.

zupapa outdoor trampoline


(Zupapa outdoor trampoline) 


How to make a trampoline bouncier? For that matter, I am sure you understand now. The above tips are very helpful in keeping the trampoline bouncy. Regular and good maintenance will also prevent problems with your trampoline.

Zupapa provides you with excellent customer and after-sales service, so you don't have to worry about any further issues. So what are you waiting for - get bouncing now!