Trampoline Exercises

Everything About Trampoline Exercise for Adults, Teens & Kids

Trampoline exercises have become big hits. It is very common to see the trampoline workout videos everywhere on the internet, and even on your friend's news feed.

Why trampoline exercises are so popular? Can you really get a good workout on a trampoline? This guide will show you everything you care about trampoline exercises.

Trampoline Outwork


Why Trampoline Exercise is So Popular & Good?

Staying healthy is one of the 15 most educational lessons that the pandemic has taught us, while mobility should be considered one of the vital signs of health. When the whole world has become chaotic and unsettling, it is already wonderful as long as we can still stay healthy and close to our families. 

When long-distance travels to gyms become impractical, it becomes especially important to be able to exercise at home. And trampolines made it possible! As a result, more and more people are convinced by such a good workout tool. Although trampolines already had a large fan base before the epidemic, it has become more and more popular in recent years. 

A List of Detailed Trampoline Exercise Benefits

  1. Trampoline exercise is mild and effective;  
  2. It is a full-body workout that impacts your entire body;
  3. It improves bone density, circulation and cardiovascular fitness;
  4. It betters your balance, core strength and flexibility;
  5. It helps in losing weight;
  6. It increases muscle strength; 
  7. It can be finished at home at anytime as you like.

Is Trampoline Exercise Better Than Running?

Both trampoline exercise and running are effective modes of exercise. To keep a healthy lifestyle, it is better to keep the habit of the two. If you can only choose one from them, yes, trampoline exercise is considered to be the better choice, which is a study conclusion released by the International Journal of Sports Science.

How to Use A Trampoline for Exercise?

When it comes to using a trampoline for exercise, it usually refers to the indoor mini trampoline, which is also known as fitness trampoline or Rebounder Trampoline. This amazing workout tool is relatively small and can be easily folded up, so that you can use it at anywhere and anytime as you like, such as your office, living room, backyard, bedroom, etc. 

The trampoline mat is not really far away from the ground, so when you jump on it, you are rarely likely to feel dangerous. The exercise can begin when you hop on it. When you are exhausted, you can easily jump off the trampoline. 

In addition to the normal round trampoline only, there are also rebounder trampolines with a handle, which offers additional stability for users who are doing backstretches. You can attach it to your fitness trampoline when you are in need and remove it as you like.

Besides the indoor fitness trampolines, there are also outdoor trampolines allowing for exercises. Outdoor Trampolines are relatively in gigantic sizes. They offer more spaces to jump. And the higher bouncing rate allows you to jump higher than on an indoor fitness trampoline.

Both indoor trampoline and outdoor trampoline are available for adults, teens, and kids. However, for exercise, adults prefer the indoor rebounder trampolines, while teens and kids prefer the outdoor trampolines.

What Exercise Can You Do on A Trampoline?

Exercises you can do on trampolines include the basic ones and also the challenging ones. You can get a glimpse of the most common ones here.

Basic Trampoline Exercises to Do with Your Indoor Trampoline

  • Trampoline Jogging
  • There is nothing simpler than jogging. You just need to follow the music and move slowly. The bouncing trampoline mat allows you to jog with ease and convenience. 

  • Single Leg Hops
  • Single leg hops is the kind of exercise that you need to jump with only one leg standing on the mat. You can change to another leg every jump or after multiple jumps.

  • Trampoline Lunges
  • Put one of your legs on your trampoline and the other on the ground. When you bend your leg on the floor, the whole pose give you more challenges.

    Challenging Trampoline Exercises to Do with Your Indoor Trampoline

  • One Leg Balance
  • You can lift one of your feet so that it is a little above your trampoline mat, and then come down and use your hand on the same side to touching the toes of your other foot.

  • Jogging at Super Speed
  • Making a fast jogging on your fitness trampoline. You will find that running on a trampoline can be much more difficult than on the ground. You don't just have to stick to swinging your arms and thighs, you have to be careful to keep your balance.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jumping Jacks is the kind of exercise that is opening your arms and legs out to the sides when jumping, and then take them all back to your side when doing the next jumping.

    Exercise To Do with Your Backyard Trampoline

    Is jumping on a trampoline a kind of exercise? Some people will have such questions in mind. The answer is, yes, and it is a kind of break of your regular exercise routine. Jumping on an outdoor trampoline, although not called a fitness trampoline, benefits your fitness too. And almost all the exercises you can do on a fitness trampoline can be finished on an outdoor trampoline. Besides, you can do flips on backyard trampolines! There are over 30 flips you can try on a trampoline if you are interested. 

    What Size Trampoline for Exercise?

    The common size fitness trampolines include 40 inches, 45 inches, 48 inches, 55 inches. The best size for you depends on your height, weight, where you are going to use it and the type of exercise you want to do on the trampoline. People who plan to do higher-intensity workouts with more movement are suggested to choose a larger trampoline, for instance, 48 inches and above. If you want to take it with you while travelling and working, you are proposed to decide a smaller one like 40 inches. The smaller, the more portable. 

    For the outdoor trampolines, you are recommended to pick one according to your backyard size and the number of your kids in your family. A 15 FT Trampoline is believed to be the worry-free choice if your backyard allows, or you can select one from 10 FT, 12 FT, 14 FT. If your backyard is tiny, you can also buy an 8 FT Trampoline.

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    How Long Should You Exercise on A Trampoline?

    A good trampoline workout takes 15 ~ 20 minutes every time. Three times a week is the ideal frequency, if you have other cross-exercise programs, you can reduce the frequency yourself.

    What is the Best Indoor Trampoline?

    The best indoor trampolines for you depend on the size and weight limit you need.

    If you ask much on the portability, choose a 40” Rebounder Trampoline;

    If you want to do more challenging finesses, pick a 45” Rebounder Trampoline;

    If you have no idea on which to buy, just pick the largest and the most expensive one.

    What is the Best Outdoor Exercise Trampoline? 

    The best outdoor exercise trampoline for you should fit your backyard size, family size and also your budget.

    If your backyard is smaller than 11 FT, choose a trampoline no larger than 8 FT;

    If your backyard is big enough, you are highly suggested to select a 15 FT Trampoline to leave all the concerns behind;

    If there are more than 2 kids in your family, put your eyes on 14 FT Trampoline and above;

    If you want more possibilities for backflips of high level, pick a trampoline no smaller than 12 FT.

    Best Outdoor Exercise Trampoline
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    Where Can You Buy An Exercise Trampoline?

    Finding a perfect trampoline for exercise is not easy, because there are tons of options! However, here in Zupapa, you can narrow your selections down to some worry-free trampolines with amazing free shipping and warranty. The only thing you need to do is to pick the right size and color you love. No matter you are looking for a fitness trampoline or outdoor trampoline, we have got you involved.