How to Plan An Unforgettable Cozy Summer Movie Night This Year How to Plan An Unforgettable Cozy Summer Movie Night This Year

How to Plan An Unforgettable Cozy Summer Movie Night This Year

“Holler if you’re ready for some summer nights.” – Rascal Flatts

Welcome to summer! 

Your kids are looking forward to a cozy summer night activity. It’s time to bring your curtain out and plan a movie night! 

There is no need to drive far to a cinema and buy tickets to enter. You can create a movie theater at home. Right in your yard! Films shown specifically for you and your children, without any inconsiderate seat neighbors. What a fantastic idea!

Then, how to plan such a cozy summer movie night? Have no idea? Let’s get inspired here.

What You Will Need for A Summer Movie Night?

To guarantee an unforgettable movie night, let’s do it right from the beginning of preparation. Asking your kids to join in the preparation work, which will help them know how to prepare an activity in their future life. Here is a list of recommendations that you will need for your summer movie night.

1. An Outdoor Trampoline

Of course, you can attach your movie curtain to your car and lay a picnic mat on the ground of the lawn to enjoy a family movie night. However, the floor may not be clean and sanitary, moreover, there may be bugs. It is not a good idea to put your kids in such an unsafe environment. 

Plan A Summer Movie Night with Your Trampoline

You can put your eyes on your backyard trampoline. Your trampoline offers not only a large and flat space for your entire family to lie down and share the movie together, but also an enclosure to attach your movie curtain and additional sparkling lights! There is no better choice than a trampoline! 

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2. A Movie Curtain or A White Bed Sheet

A movie curtain is an essential part for a movie night. You can move your movie curtain out of your living room, or just pull a white sheet out. The installation work is easy. You only need to fix the curtain on both sides of the head. If you have a long curtain, you can let its lower half drape naturally over the mat. If the length of the curtain can not cover the mat, you can also fix the following two end points. Your lovely daughter’s cute hair clip, a heavier chain and anything else you can see in your room can be used to fix the curtain.

3. Your Projector and The Movies You Are Going to Enjoy Together

Another must-have comes, the projector. If you have no projector yet, buy one you like or borrow one from your neighbors or friends. Followed by the projector is the movies you want to watch. The best movies to break the summer heat we have pulled together include Mamma Mia, High School Musical 2, Whisper of the Heart, Stand By Me, A League of Their Own, Stray Dog, Girls Trip, Spirited Away, The Parent Trap, Dog Day Afternoon, etc.

4. Quilts and Pillows

While the summer days are hot, the nights may be chill. Bringing your quilts and pillows out, your family will need them later. Remember to clean your trampoline mat first before putting them on it. Pillows can also be used to stabilize the lower part of the curtain.

5. Snacks

How can you watch movies without snacks? Popcorn, chips, nachos, cookies and any other snacks your kids love are good choices. The more, the merrier. Don't forget to prepare some drinks and fruits. It may be not that good to eat snacks alone.

When to Start the Planning Work?

It depends. The sunset usually takes place at about 8 PM. To ensure proper preparation, it is recommended that you set aside at least one hour prior to that.

If you plan to do some decoration work, such as adding lights, balloons, flowers to the trampoline, it is recommended to add another hour. Take a picture of your masterpiece with the glow of the sunset. If the sun goes down completely, you won't have time to catch the details.


Summer of this year is extremely hot. The heatwaves sweep the world. Luckily, the night after the day hours are so appealing that we all can forgive the heat in the day. The home yard is especially lovely after being disinfected by the warm sun. It’s time to do something outside your living room and bedroom. 

The study also shows that watching a movie with your loved ones if good to strengthen family bonds, provide greater intimacy among parents and increases trust among family members. It is not a we-are-together activity, but also a good chance to chat with your kids and listen to what they are thing about.

Let a summer movie night happen tonight!

Have a great time!

If you have any good summer movie night ideas, please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.