2021 Zupapa Reviews

2021 Zupapa Reviews

How time flies! 2021 has already passed In this year, Zupapa has always been supported and affirmed by customers all over the world. Thank you very much for longstanding favorite. Today, let’s take a look at the high praise on Zupapa from our customers and friends in this year!

Aaron M, from Victoria, the United States, commented that Zupapa trampoline for kid was very sturdy. He liked that there is a covering connecting to the mat that covers both the pad and the springs and keeping little toes from ever touching the springs.

15ft trampoline review

Our friend, Jennifer said her family had had the 15 foot trampoline for a few years. It was very easy to put together and her daughter and friends all love it. She recently contacted the company to order a new safety net and padding for when they put the trampoline back up in the spring. The customer service rep, Phoebe, was very helpful and efficient in getting them accurate replacement parts. Her family will enjoy this trampoline for many more years!

2021 trampoline reviews

V.G. gave the comments like this, “Kids have been enjoying this trampoline with net for a month now and are very pleased with it. And so am I. The best part is the excellent customer service that complements an already solid product. Nova, from customer service, was phenomenal in addressing a concern that I had, in the best possible manner. Highly recommend this trampoline brand!”

kids trampoline reviews

Mark J left his words on our page like this, “Great trampoline for kids and teens — they love it! Overall, a sturdy metal frame with solid support poles for the net (that reach all the way to the ground, not just attach to the trampoline legs, for added stability). Some of the sewing (such as where the spring cover and trampoline surface are connected or the zipper on the net) seems hasty. I’m hopeful the workmanship will hold up in the months and years to come. Anyway, Zupapa trampoline is the best trampoline for kids.”

trampoline reviews for zupapa

A lady from Fertile, the United States, named Jana H told us that she ordered a 15ft Zupapa trampoline from WalMart. It was delivered as expected with no issues in 2 boxes. The instructions were super easy to understand and assembly went really well with 2 people. The trampoline was great quality. She was super impressed with it. Their customer service has been amazing. She had to reach out to them when her dog chewed a giant hole in the safety netting and our customer service were so incredibly helpful when she couldn’t find a netting to purchase anywhere else. Highly recommend this company’s trampolines. The trampolines manufactured by this company are the best trampolines!

trampoline reviews for zupapa trampoline

A customer from Montpelier, the United States, called Stacie S appraised that Zupapa has great trampoline and stellar customer service! One box was damaged in transit, losing parts but the carrier taped back up and delivered anyway. We contacted Zupapa and they immediately sent out replacement parts at no charge to us. They followed up twice to be sure we received everything needed and were satisfied with the assembled product. High quality product and service so we highly recommend Zupapa!

trampoline review -zupapa trampoline

Comments from Jerry said that he bought the Zupapa trampoline for his daughter’s 9th birthday. Seven years later, after replacing the pad and net due to normal wear and tear, he found that the bed of the tramp was still in great shape even that they haven’t been the best at protecting it from the elements. Metal frame was still solid, and springs were still springy. Now their grandchildren are using it, and even the teenagers will jump occasionally, if they can put their phones down long enough to engage in physical activity other than swiping left, lol. Zupapa trampoline is highly recommended. By the way, it is very safe. Just trust Zupapa!

12ft trampoline reviews

Dane left a message which said he purchased our 15' trampoline in December 2017, so he had had it for 3.5 years. It has been used almost daily since then even when it rains and snows. Their net started to get holes and tears as did the pad last year and finally got so bad that they needed to replace them. He contacted customer service and Jasmine responded immediately.

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F.L. bought Zupapa dome climber once. They received this dome as a Christmas present for their daughter who are 1.5 y/o and already enjoys crawling in and out of the bottom section and hanging off the lowest bars. It was easy to assemble and the instructions were very clear. They didn’t have one of the finishing nuts and Heather from customer service sent us a replacement super quickly. She was so helpful. This dome was very sturdy and was something they look forward to enjoying for years to come. It came well-packaged (not lots of excess packaging, but also safe from damage) and is brightly colored and looks nice in their yard, too.

dome climber reviews

Also, there are many good comments about the dome climber. For example, the top most reason I will recommend this done is that Zupapa made it very sturdy, durable and it does not get rusted even if remains outdoor in open air. I will highly recommend it. Another example, got this a few months ago, the kids had a great time with it, until we accidentally bent 1 pole, contacted customer service and the response was prompt and solved our problem quickly, I received a replacement part from Heather within 4 days, thank you so much!


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We are very moved by the affirmation and praise of our customers and promise that we will continue to ensure the production of the best trampoline. At the same time, we also thank our customers for their suggestions, which will be of great help to the development and improvement of our trampoline in the future. Zupapa always concentrates on the customer-centered process and tries its best to repay our customers and friends with better products and high-quality services!