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Kids Safety - Does Your Trampoline Have Enclosure Nets?

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 As is widely acknowledged, more and more families has taken trampolines as a choice to have fun together on weekends, but for families with young children, safety is always the priority. Children do not have a sense of self-protection, which requires parents to prepare for it a lot. You know, parents always make contribute to this aspect.

As a potential safety hazard, parents' main concern is that their child might fall off the trampoline while playing on it. This concern will be magnified if the trampoline does not have a handlebar. Surprisingly, this worry could be overcome by the protection around the trampoline, such as a enclosure net. Of course, many adult trampolines do not have any net covers, as they have the better ability of control and balance. However, safety nets are almost necessary for children's trampolines. If the safety net of your trampoline is not durable enough, you can always replace it with a new one.

trampoline enclosure net for safty

What is a trampoline enclosure net?

Enclosure nets are the most commonly used safety accessories in trampolines. It is made of soft but high-quality synthetic materials, woven thick and durable. Use metal rods to hold the safety net together and cover it with foam sleeve. The safety net around the trampoline extends about six feet high.

The enclosure net is designed to prevent children from bouncing off the trampoline and falling.

Trampoline nets play an important role in the safety of children, but the trampoline you choose may not have it. If your favorite trampoline doesn't have one, and you don't want to give it up, you can choose to purchase a safety net separately. When buying a safety net, make sure it is made of good quality material and from a reputable brand.

Here, if you want me to recommend a trampoline with great safety net. I will choose Zupapa. Their safety nets have passed the international safety tests and have a lot of huge fans all around the world. Zupapa will give you a ressuring purchase experience and give your kids a safety playing environment.

Safety standards for trampoline

These nets come in different forms, but they all have some characteristics in common. They are made of specific materials to ensure the durability. Some of the nets are also bundled with MATS to provide additional protection. A well-made enclosure net is made from dense polyethylene or other heavy duty materials. You need to use a heavy duty net so it won’t rip apart in case of a child bumps into it. The stronger the material, the more practical it is to use.

There should also be attachments on the top and bottom of the net to make the extra safety. The trampoline mat provides covering for the spring, reducing the possibility of a child hitting on it.  With safety nets, these two elements provide security. If the net is tightly woven, it is going to last longer. 

The advantages of enclosure net    

By assembling a enclosure net, your child is less likely to be injured in a fall. Without it, children are at risk of spinal, neck and head injuries, even the fractures.

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Another benefit of a safety net is that you can let the older children play freely. Even if your child is experienced, the sight of them jumping on a trampoline without a enclosure net can still make some parents nervous. With a safety net, you can be sure your child is safe on the trampoline. Safety nets are not the excuse for parents who have no time in supervising young children while they are playing. However, the presence of these nets will strengthen your confidence toward your child's safety greatly.

The enclosure net is also designed to prevent the kids from getting trapped in springs or bumping into metal frames, which has led to lacerations or fractures in the past.

In addition to other safety rules, be sure to unzip the safety net before using the trampoline.

Trampoline net prevents the rebounder from hitting the rigid components of trampoline like the springs or the frame.

This prevents dangers from being pinched by springs and getting fractures, broken bones and other forms of injuries when they accidentally hit the trampoline frame area.

The soft synthetic material that is used to make the trampoline safety nets enables rebounders to slide slowly down the trampoline mat and prevent bruises in case of harsh play.

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What's more, the trampoline's safety net can be removed freely, so that when you don't need to use the trampoline, it can be removed for easy storage. The safety net is lightweight, making it easy to carry around when you need to move the trampoline.

With this capable accessory, you just need to tell children not to play outside of the mat, this is also crucial.

Other matters needing attention

Whenever possible, buy a trampoline with a safety net. Yes, it is possible to buy a new network, but it is more convenient if the safety net is already bundled with the package. With the new net, all you have to do is assemble the trampoline and your child can continue playing.

Don't let young children play unsupervised on trampolines. The safety net do provide protection, but you still have to be careful not to leave anything dangerous for kids.

An Enclosure Net for Indoor Trampoline

Once your child is on the trampoline, check the door to make sure it is securely locked. Don't just focus on the safety net, because you also have to look at the other parts and make sure they're all in the working states. Warn your child to always jump in the middle of the trampoline, do not jump in or out of the trampoline, and do not hide or play with toys under structures. After the trampoline has been used for a while, look for signs of damage and repair it immediately.

As parents, remember that a trampoline enclosure net is no substitute for adult supervision.