zupapa trampoline Halloween party

A Bouncing Trampoline Halloween Party Guide

From trampoline decorations, catering and games. Here are some trampoline Halloween party ideas for a memorable holiday party.

It's that time of year for Halloween, how do you spend this holiday every year? Is the house dressed up and ready to go trick or treating, or are you planning to go to a haunted house with your friends for an exciting adventure?

Let's try some different Halloween party ideas this year. Forget haunted houses - this year, liven up the party by hosting your Halloween party on a trampoline! Move the celebration of the scary holiday to a trampoline and combine it with the fun of bouncing.

From decorations to food to activities, we've got some tips for you. This can turn your trampoline into the ultimate place to have a "scary good time" at your Halloween party this year!

How to decorate a trampoline for Halloween

Decorating the trampoline is essential to achieve the Halloween atmosphere. Here are some ideas for decorating:

  • Use cotton spider webs around the outside of the trampoline safety net; these decorations cost about $2 a pack.
  • Afterward, hang or attach decorations like ghosts, skulls, and bats to the outer layer of the spiderweb.
  • Hang string lights or pumpkin-shaped lanterns from the frame above the trampoline safety net. This will not only brighten up the night but also create a maximum Halloween atmosphere. Pumpkin lights cost around 5 to 20 dollars.
  • If you don't like the spider web type of decorations, you can also use caution tape. In the same way, decorate around the trampoline safety net.
  • Of course, graveyard themes are also a popular option for Halloween parties. Corresponding to this are decorations like Tombstones, Grim Reapers, and Skeletons.
Halloween trampoline


For safety, do not place too many decorations as well as balloons on the trampoline mat. Don't block sightlines or exits either, so as not to cause safety hazards.

Halloween party food ideas

For Halloween, a buffet table will keep the party interesting. You can try these creative Halloween party food ideas:

  • Split Oreos in half and use Nutella to stick on the chocolate. After that use candy eyes on top. You will get cute bat-like desserts.
  • Wrap the sausage in strips of dough, leaving only the top part exposed. Stick or draw eyes on it so it will look like a mummy hot dog.
  • There is another even easier one, just carve the sausage in the hot dog with a knife to look like a finger. Finally, create a bloody presentation with ketchup.
  • And of course, you can't go wrong with the classic caramelized apples, pepperoni-tipped mini pizzas, skewer platters, and witch's finger cookies.
  • And finally for the adults, the Witch's Bingo, Bloody Bellinis, and creepy cocktails. As well as pumpkin or apple drinks for the kids.
Halloween party food


Halloween party game ideas

To add extra fun, set up some Halloween games to spice up the trampoline party.

Apple bobbing: This is a traditional Halloween game where multiple apples are placed in a large tub filled with water. The apples will float to the surface of the water and require players to try and bite them up with their mouths, no hands allowed.

Apple bobbing


Murder mystery games: Try to solve a murder on Halloween night! All guests can participate, each with a different identity and information. Each round involves voting for a possible murderer until the end.

Pumpkin bowling: this game is suitable for guests of all ages. Fill bottles with sand or water to maintain a certain weight. Afterward, dress up the bottles to look like ghosts. Use small pumpkins as bowling balls to hit these bottles.

Trampoline jumping competition: Players enter the trampoline in turn and are given three chances to see who can jump the highest to win.The trampoline with basketball hoop can also host shooting contests.

Other than that, dress-up contests and baking contests are good party games.

For prizes for the game, pumpkin carving kits, Halloween trinkets, or household items are all fun prize options. And competing on a trampoline is sure to make you giggle.

Trampoline Halloween party safety tips

  • Pay attention to the weight limit of the trampoline to avoid losing the elasticity of the trampoline mat.
  • Please be aware of the trampoline rules, only one person can jump at a time to avoid collisions.
  • Double bouncing, flipping, or jostling is prohibited to prevent injury.
  • Check that the trampoline is stable and that there is no debris or trash on the ground before the party starts.

Follow these safety rules and you'll have a secure but no less exciting trampoline Halloween party.


Trick or Treat! Halloween is the perfect holiday for revelry. Referring to the given decorations and catering ideas can give guests a memorable holiday carnival experience. Get ready to bounce and have a spooky good time at the Halloween party!

If you have any ideas for trampoline Halloween decorations, you can contact us to send photos. Or send it on social media and tag us, we'd be thrilled to receive all kinds of ideas!