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Creative Trampoline Decorating Ideas for Every Season

Bring seasonal fun and creativity to your backyard trampoline with these decorating ideas. With minimal effort, you can get a different trampoline for each season.
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Trampolines are a family playground for bouncing and playing as well as for exercise, not to mention the many ways a trampoline can be used. And a trampoline is like an extension of your home, with plenty of room for creativity in decorating or remodeling.

It's like a white canvas waiting to be painted, adding your own creativity and imagination, the trampoline can also add atmosphere to the appearance of the whole house.

The change of seasons is a great time to decorate the trampoline in a relaxed manner to achieve the perfect result. Let's explore fun seasonal trampoline decorating ideas to show off your creativity and holiday spirit. And make your backyard trampoline the talk of the neighborhood!

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is the season that represents the beginning, and the theme of the decoration can be based on nature.


Flowers are always the highlight of the decor, tulips, loropetalums, and daffodils are some of the flowers that bloom in the springtime. Hanging a trampoline safety net with these distinctly seasonal flowers is both decorative and refreshing.

Of course, a garland of flowers would also be a good spring decorating choice.

Spring Decorating


Easter theme

Easter can be a really great summer decorating theme. Create a treasure hunt by placing Easter eggs at the bottom of the trampoline for the kids to find.

Then place bunny stickers on the trampoline mat or bunny-shaped hangtags on the trampoline entrances and exits. It's easy to create a festive atmosphere on a trampoline. 


Butterflies are common in early spring. Naturally, it has become one of the spring decorative elements. Do not choose butterfly decorations whose material is metal, plastic, or other hard ones.

This is likely to scratch your skin while playing on the trampoline. You can make your own DIY cutout butterfly shapes or use butterfly stickers. This is an easy and safe decorating idea.

Summer Decorating Ideas

Colorful ribbons

Colorful ribbons best reflect the colors of summer. Pink, bright yellow, and blue ribbons are tied above the trampoline so that when the wind blows the colorful ribbons can flutter in the wind. It is a perfect way to capture the colors of summer.


Greenery is also one of the common decorative elements, and vines such as ivy can be wrapped around the top of the trampoline. Bringing a green atmosphere to enjoyable play reinforces the sense of the season even more.

Independence Day theme

The 4th of July is also one of the most popular decorating themes and it's in the middle of summer. Why not dress up your trampoline in a patriotic look? Hang a small circle of flags above the safety net, or just stand up a normal-sized flag.

Attach the word "USA" in bold letters made of craft foam or cardboard to the mat. Finish it off with an inflatable bald eagle doll.

Independence Day theme


Fall Decorating Ideas

Maple leaves

When the chill sets in, you can't decorate for fall without maple leaves. This decorating style costs next to nothing. Gather up the maple leaves that fall naturally and after that attach them to the trampoline safety net.

Or clean them up and pile them on the trampoline mat, where they will flutter as you bounce.

Fall flowers 

You can also use flowers as decoration like in spring. Sunflowers, Asters, and Chrysanthemums are flowers that will bloom in the fall. Choose a wreath made from them and hang it from the trampoline for a simple but fall-inspired look.

Halloween theme

The last fall costume that is not missing must be the Halloween theme. Use cotton cobwebs to lay on the safety net, and a spider doll can be fixed on top to enhance the spooky vibe. Of course, pumpkins can also be one of the options for decoration.

Trampoline Halloween decor


Winter Decorating Ideas


Since it's winter, the Frozen theme will thrill the kids. You can make different paper snowflakes and hang them around the trampoline.

Or purchase snowflake-shaped light strings to hang outside the trampoline netting for a look that fits the theme and brightens up the night.


Set up a tent inside the trampoline or just use a sheet on top to cover it. Create an enclosed space inside the trampoline. Add blankets, pillows, and cushions to it. Hang up lighting, such as string lights or portable lights.

Create a warm and cozy environment and have a hot drink ready for your trampoline sleepover!

Christmas theme

The last and most important winter Christmas-themed decorations. Decorate the trampoline as if it were a Christmas tree. Pinecone garlands, Christmas tree decorations, and pictures of moose are all themed decorations that can be hung on the safety net.

Trampoline Christmas decor


Wrap clear mini lights around the poles and top edge. This way when there is a small buildup of snow at the top, they will look like they are sparkling like stars in the night. For a Christmas trampoline party, you can also make the entrance festive with an inflatable snowman or light-up reindeer.


Whether it's a small trampoline or a backyard trampoline, don't let size limit your creativity. No matter what the season or holiday, you can easily show off your amazing trampoline decorating talents.

With these fun and classic decorating ideas for different seasons, your Zupapa trampoline becomes a festive backyard feature all year round. Let the imagination run free!