Family Camping List

2022 Complete Camping List for Family: Camping Essentials PDF

Camping is really a good way to break the city life and introduce the beautiful nature to kids. As summer approaches, the best time to enjoy family camping is also around the corner. Have long waited for such thrilling family adventures? It's time to take your camping gears out from your storage! 

Having no idea about what to bring with? This 2022 latest family camping list is gonna to help!

No matter it is your family's first camping or not, this complete list will help you pack essentials you need and get rid of items you can do without to guarantee you a memorable family camping! There is also a downloadable and printable PDF for you to start packing in ease. 

Family Camping List

Download the Family Camping PDF

Family Camping Essentials ‚Äď Must-haves

The best family camping list changes according to seasons, campsites, how long you will camp and your group size. However, the following family camping essentials are your must-haves for every basic camping. You are suggested to check them one by one to make sure you have got them all gathered before planning your family vacation.

Tent (ask the seller for help on the best size for your family)

Sleeping bags, pads or inflatable mattress 

Carpet and tarp, waterproof cover or mesh netting (A tent is never enough. Your kids need more space to play games and dinning.)

Sufficient toilet paper 

Pillows (Some may also use their jacket as a substitute)

At least one water bottle

Camping chair(s)

Matches or lighter

Toiletries (from toothbrushes to soap and shampoo)

Food and snacks

Camp stove, pots and pans, kitchen knife

Insect repellant


Day backpacks and at least one large capacity backpack (you and your kids want daytime adventures in nature)

Lantern and lantern fuel or batteries

Drinking Water (if no potable water on-site)

Trash bags

Waterproof shoes and clothes (nights in the wild are cold)

Family first aid kit and 60% or higher alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Family Camping Extras As Needed

In addition to the above-mentioned essentials, your family may also require items below. Add the necessaries your beloved or kids requiring into your list. However, to be honest, your kids may care little in the kitchen and dining table while camping, therefore, we don't list many kitchen items. If you do need more kitchen extras, you can add them to your list.  

A cooler 

A cooler is essential to stock your meal, vegetables, and other ingredients, especially in summer or when you want long stays in the wilderness.

A hammock with no stand

Though lying in your tent is good, you may want more freedom in the nature with no shade above you and your kids but the lush trees and crystal clear sky. Then, a hammock is highly recommended. 

Inflatable paddle board(s)

Going to camp near a lake? Taking your inflatable paddle board(s) with you may offer more water fun. Inflatable paddle boards are relatively light and don’t ask much on the room. However, once it is inflated, endless happiness may come. Trying excursions with the sun rising or falling in a distance will certainly leave your family unforgettable memories.  

Sunscreen and other personal items


Toys that your kids love

Other items if you are camping with infant(s), like Bottles, Sippy Cups, Snack Containers, Diapers and Wipes, Diaper Disposal Bags, Breast Pump, Baby Backpack or Sling…

Items You Are Not Really Suggested to Pack for Family Camping 

It is not hard to find excellent suggestions on what to pack for camping amongst the website. However, seldom give you the not-haves at the same time. The lighter, the better. If there is something unnecessary at all on your packing list, why not pick it out and leave it home? 

Electronics like iPad

iPad and TVs do allow more enjoyment to happen. However, let your kids get away from the screens is one of the reasons you arrange this family camping. It is not really a good idea to see your kids lying in the tent and watching cartoons while camping. Therefore, leave all your electronics at home except your phone, which is needed in case of an emergency. 

Jewelries and pretty but untimely clothes

Yes, kids love pretty skirts. However, warm and waterproof clothes are better than those pretty ones while camping. Jewelries are also not really recommended, or they may get lost in the wild.  

Too many toys

Your kids love toys too. Bringing one or two toys with you is essential to make them feel familiar with the new environment and to improve their camping experience. However, never too much. Buckets and Shovels or Specimen Collection Cups may be enough. These toys connect your kids and the nature very well.

Glass items and big mirror

Glass items are heavy and may be easily broken. Therefore, there is no need to bring glass-made cups, plates and bottles with you. Plastic items may be better. Big mirrors are also unnecessary. 


Fragrances may attract unwanted animals like hardworking bee in the wild, which may be dangerous for your family. 

Other unnecessary bulky items

The heavier, the more stressful. If you are going to add any large item in your list, think twice. If it is an unnecessary room waste, leave it at home. 

2022 Family Camping Tips

  • Create a meal plan
  • It may be a tough work to decide on what food to buy and pack if you don't know what to cook while camping. Creating a meal plan may be helpful. Asking your kids for advices. While camping, you can also ask them to join in the cooking team and teach them how to cook their picks of dishes, which will create more happy lifelong family memories.¬†

  • Less is more
  • When it comes to camping, especially for the beginners, there is no need to pack everything with you. The more you pack, of course, the more convenient you may be rewarded in the wild. However, compared with the enjoyment of camping items provide, the world outside your camping area that mother nature offers is much more appealing. (Please ignore my words if you are an in-depth lover of camping.)

  • Some parks don't allow fires
  • Some parks and forests may not allow fires, which may be a pity if you don't know that before arriving. Therefore, do check the camping rules and policies of the campsite you are heading to in advance.¬†¬†

  • There may be additional items for you to pick up in popular campsites
  • If you are going to try family camping at a popular campsite. There may be additional items offered for you. You can check that in advance if you do not want to carry too much. However, the price at the campsite may be higher than that in stores.¬†

  • There is no need to buy them all
  • Tough having your own family camping essentials is cool, there is no need to buy them all, especially for first-time campers. Asking your friends for help and do recycle your old items.¬†


    Family camping should be easy and simple instead of complicated! What your kids are looking for is having fun and embracing nature! Never be trapped at the first step - checklist and item packing. Enjoy your family camping! 

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