Why My Kids Love to Jump and What to Do?

Why My Kids Love to Jump and What to Do? - 2022 Latest Guide

There is no surprise that almost every mom and dad once have come across such concerns – Why my kids can’t stop jumping? Is it normal for kids to jump? Should I stop my kids from jumping? Is his or her energetic jumping a red flag of ADHD? 

Here, all your concerns will be solved. In addition, we will introduce you a list of helpful What-to-Dos to blow off the energy of your kids – in safe and exciting ways! Let’s keep scrolling to find out them all!  

Why Your Child Loves to Jump?

Yes, almost every kid loves jumping - for lots of reasons. In most cases, they may simply have a lot of energy and don’t know any better ways to release excess energy in their systems. In addition, they may want a better connecting with the surroundings. Sometimes, it may be a big sign that your kids are talented in jumping, and may be the future jumping athlete! 

Your Kids are Learning the World around Her/Him

Everything around your little kids is new for them. Having been staying in the lower positions for a long time, they want to know the higher air that you stay, so they jump on your couch and chair. They are looking for a new perspective to know the world around them. 

It is a Sign of Healthy Development

From your kid’s first step to their jumping and climbing, your kids are growing. The energetic jumping is one of the significant signs of their healthy development. It also signals that they are developing their motor and muscular skills.

They are Excited

Children sometimes do something according to the environment and people around them. When they are excited or when you are talking about or doing something they are interested in, they may give you a happy jumping in reward.   

It May Mean Your Child is Gifted

Sometimes, your kids can’t help but jumping, which may mean that they have a talent for that! If you find that your kids can jump much higher or farther relative to their peers, giving them more expert trainings under professional coaches is suggested. 

It May also be a Red Flag of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Sometimes, constantly jumping may suggest that the energetic child has Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). About 6.1 million (9.4%) children in the world ever diagnosed with ADHD, according to a national survey made of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, it never means that every child who loves jumping should be suspected of ADHD. Jumping is only one of the red flags, followed by an inability to sit still, interrupting, impulsivity, etc. Never worry too much about that unless your kids really acting weird. Most kids jumping because they are happy while doing so. 

What to Do to Help Your Kids Blow Off That Energy?

Let your kids be kids! The more you stop your child to jump, the more they jump!

Jumping is a must-learning for all kids, and it is a significant skill that will be used in their further life, like sports and leaping away from danger. There is no need to always feel extremely anxious about their energetic jumps. What you really need to do is to help them blow off that energy safely. If you do not want your kids focusing their attention on your bed or couch – to be honest, to stop kids from jumping on furniture is a headache – you should create other safe “playgrounds” for them. The following inspirations may be helpful then. 

Play Jumping Games with Them

Classic Jumping Rope is good. You can also try animal jumps with them, such as jumping as a rabbit, kangaroo, frog, etc. While jumping, your kids can not only have fun, but also have a better understanding of these animals. It may also be fun to let your kids jump from one side of your yard to the other with a filling cup of water in their hand. The winner is the one with the most water left! 

No matter which game do you choose, making sure the place you have chosen is away from the steel items that may hurt your kids while jumping, like dome climber, gymnastic bar, etc. 

Get Your Toddler a Mini Indoor Trampoline

Zupapa Indoor Small Kid Trampoline


When it comes to jumping, the first item comes to our mind must be trampolines. This worldwide famous hot-pick can be found at almost every family in America, and it's time to get one for your kids. For toddlers, a Mini Indoor Trampoline is more suggested, which is usually relatively small with an enclosure and can be easily removed to anywhere by your side, so that you can deal with something else without worrying much on them. 

Get Your Older Kids an Outdoor Trampoline with Safeguard Enclosure

Zupapa Outdoor Trampoline


With time flies, your toddlers get taller and taller. The small trampoline may be no longer fit their needs. Though older kids and even teens are also welcomed to a Mini Indoor Trampoline, however, they may need a wider space to enjoy jumping. An Outdoor Trampoline in your backyard is better. Remember to choose the kind of outdoor trampoline with a soft enclosure, which can safeguard your energetic kids from flying out. 

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Enroll Your Kids into Gymnastics Classes

Zupapa Gymnastics Bar


If you believe that jumping is a talent of your kids or want your kids to be professionally trained during her or his childhood, you can enroll them in gymnastics classes near you. During their classes, they can not only happily jumping, but also meet with new friends. Besides, coaches know how to find out their talent and get them better guide. 

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Teach Them More Besides Jumping

Zupapa Trampoline Painting

In addition to jumping, your kids may also fascinate in running, climbing, or even painting. Giving them more choices. Kids are curious about almost everything in their young ages. If you give them more choices, they may take a better habit. Jumping too much is never a good idea for their knees. Asking your adorable animals in your home to help, for instance, your kids may also be interested in a leisurely afternoon with your dog to sway in the wind on a hammock.  Also, your kids may prefer swinging on your backyard or in the park.


Children love to jump for many reasons. Normally, compared with worrying about ADHD, you should focus more on how to accompany them and help them to have a happy and safe childhood. Playing jumping games with them, getting them a trampoline or enrolling them in gymnastic classes or another habit are all good choices. However, if you do believe that jumping is a big red flag of ADHD, asking your doctor for help. Doctors give you the most professional help on that.