Happy Children's Day

11 Amazing Things to Do with Kids on Children’s Day 2022

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Children's Day, which is somewhat a mix of birthday and Christmas, is a grand and significant day for almost every child.

In most of the countries on earth, Children's Day is celebrated on a fixed day every year, like June 1st in China, Germany, etc. While in America, it falls on the second Sunday of June and in Chile it is celebrated twice a year…

However, no matter which day or days it is celebrated, Children's Day is a day in honor of children and to increase awareness of the rights and education of them. Children are the future of the world!   

In addition to buy them gifts on this special day, there are still many interesting things to do with them to make this day unique and unforgettable! 

Top 1: Donate Their Old Toys for Other Children to Use - Teach Your Kids About Charity

Donate Their Old Toys for Other Children to Use on Children's Day 2022

As your kids grow, they may have collected tons of toys from you, their grandparents, teachers and friends, including some that they may no longer fancy. Compared with throwing those toys into the trash, we Zupapa would suggest you to donate them with your kids to other children who are in need. By giving the toys to young patients in hospitals, kids at a homeless shelter or orphans in an orphanage, your kids will have an impressive touch of being helpful and get a better understanding of the world. Besides, children there would greatly appreciate your warm visit and would love your gently-used toys.

Before heading to the organization you're chosen, you're proposed to make a careful cleaning of the toys, and please check that they accept toys you are going to donate and make sure they are on duty on that day.

Top 2: Write a Letter - Make New Friends from Different Countries

Write a Letter on Children's Day

Writing letters is a must-learning skill for every kid. Your kids have learned a lot from school, and they may have a strong desire to write to someone in person. Then, why not guide them to write a letter to a child outside your country? By writing, your kids will learn how to introduce what he or she is experiencing or feeling to their peer. By sending the letter, your kids will get a basic understanding of how the post office is working. Nowadays, with the rapid development of internet and technique, it has become harder and harder for kids to get rid of the electronics. This writing experience with a pen instead of an iPad in hand will certainly impress your curious kids a lot. In addition, your kids will get a new pen pal and friend at the same time, who will introduce interesting and different culture to them and help them to build a better world view. If you like, writing on Children's Day can also be developed into a tradition. About five years or so later, your kids will get five more friends, who are coming from different countries and hold different belief. Wouldn't it be cool for your kids to learn about life in five countries without having to travel there?

Top 3: Staying Overnight on Your Trampoline - A Secret Base for Your Kids

Staying Overnight on Your Trampoline on Children's Day 2022

Children like doing strange but unique things. If you make a perfect mix of trampoline and sleeping bed together, they will love it! Making such a secret base for them today. As temperature rises, you can prepare such a unique night for them without worrying about them catching a cold. Camping also becomes more and more appealing in this season. And a backyard camping is very easy to access and arrange. If your kids like, you can add a tent on the trampoline for their enjoyment. While lying on the slightly bouncing trampoline mat, your kids may tell you their secrets to you, which may not happen in other scenarios.   

Top 4: Have a Costume Party - Let the Christmas Happen in Summer

Have a Costume Party on Children's Day 2022

Christmas is so far away. However, your kids just can't wait for dressing up in costumes. They also have coveted your cosmetics and toiletries for a long time! Then, why not make a tiny family Christmas happen now? Let your kids dress up as their favorite characters or maybe plants and even animals. Then, reward them with cute makeups. Of course, you can give them a chance to use their creativity, as well. Welcome their friends to play and have fun together! Happy laugh will never end until they are exhausted.     

Top 5: They Are Your One-day Guides - A Good Chance Know What Your Kids Really Love

What will the day be like that goes in your kid's preference? Let your kids be your one-day guide and arrange everything for you, and then you will get the answer! Never be shocked when they guide you to an ant nest or bee hive. And remember to stay calm when they order some strange meals for you. Also, be patient when they want to enroll you in some games that you may never think of. This is the perfect day that your kids want. After today, you will get a better understanding of them and know what they really love. Besides, during their guide experience, they will get practices on introducing their interests to others. It's a win-win project.

Top 6: Paddle Boarding - Brave the Water

Paddle Boarding with Kids on Children's Day 2022

A large group of children in the world has a strong fear of water, and maybe your kids are of this kind too. The water here not refers to that in your bathroom, but water in rivers and oceans. However, if you don't give them sufficient close-up opportunities, they may never brave it by themselves. Paddleboarding with them is a good way to make the first step. There is no need for them to move forward and back by themselves on the water in the beginning. They can just sit on the front and touch the waves with their hands. Several times later, they may ask for their own paddles. 

Pick the right size Inflatable Paddle Board for you and your kids, and try calm water at first. Besides, always be wearing a life jacket! 

Top 7: Take Your Kids to the Zoo If Possible - Introduce Animal Children to Your Kids

Take Your Kids to the Zoo If Possible on Children's Day 2022

“Animals are friends of our human beings”, your kids have heard a lot of slogans like this. However, some animals are dangerous at the same time, especially may be much more dangerous for your kids if they have no idea about that! Therefore, they require more knowledge about that, and taking them to the zoo with the animals in front of their eyes is the best way to educate them. Let's start from the animal children. Introducing those lovely creatures to your kids and telling them the hidden danger when unluckily meet with them in the wild. They will certainly be shocked and educated. 

Your kids love animals! And they may also love to say Happy Children's Day to the adorable animal little ones like panda babies!  

Top 8: Take Them to the Aquarium -  A Glimpse of the Underwater World

Take Them to the Aquarium on Children's Day 2022

Your kids show little interests on animals in zoos? How about taking them to an aquarium near you and get them a glimpse of the creatures underwater. Fill their sense of wonder with sharks gliding through deep blue waters, sea-plants swaying with colorful fishes, jellyfish dancing up and downs, etc. Aquariums also usually boast penguins, sea lions, sea otters, octopus, and other marine animals. This will not only entertain them, but also educate them.

Some aquariums may offer virtual experiences online. If there is no aquarium found near you, or if you find it is hard to get to the aquarium in person, you can also enjoy a virtual tour with your kids at home. 

Top 9: Try a New Craft Program - Let Their Imaginations Come True

When I was a child, there were always so many outlandish ideas in my mind, however, seldom of them came into reality. What a pity! Children are now more imaginative and creative. They may have far more inspirations than you could imagine. If you don't give them a proper guide, they are hard to make their ideas come true. Remember, almost every scientist or architect today once began with an adventurous try in his childhood. If that try never happened, they may never get their achievements now. Therefore, why not try a new craft program with your kids this Children's Day? 

Top 10: Bake with Them - Eager Little Kitchen Helpers

Bake with Them on Children's Day 2022

From cakes and scones to biscuits and slices, kids love desserts, and they are fancy on baking themselves. Baking is a good way to cheer up, ignite their creativity and develop new skills. However, young bakers should have adult supervision in the kitchen, or there may have something bad occur. If you haven't found a right time to bake together, why not arrange such a program this Children's Day. During the baking, you can teach your kids how to follow instructions, which is an essential skill in their further learning life. 

Start with a kid-friendly baking recipe, like Rocky Road Cookie Cups, Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies, Jelly Bean Cookies, etc. And embrace the mess. Baking with kids must be messy, while it also offers happiness beyond expectation.

Top 11: Take an Annual Family Picture - Keep the Happy Memories Forever

Take an Annual Family Picture on Children's Day 2022

Even though there are dozens of chances for us to take photos with our families around the year, like on birthdays or Christmas, Children's Day is still a special day and well worth a family picture. Postures are not that important, while the feel of being together and smiling at each other in front of the camera matters. 


Zupapa wish all children in the world a happy Children's Day and a bright future!