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What Size Trampoline do Kids Need?

It is important for every family that loves trampoline sports to have a perfectly sized trampoline, as it will maximize the rate of jumping, entertain children and prevent them from injuries. When it comes to choosing the best size for a trampoline, most of the users are probably stuck between the various sizes, and it will get even more complicated when you look at the variety of trampoline shapes and types.

Trampoline sizes vary from 36 inches to 17 foot, but that's the range of all the trampoline sizes, not “standard size”. You might be wondering, what's the standard trampoline size? Standard trampoline sizes start at 8 foot and end at 15 foot.

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The trampoline size kids need

Trampolines under 8 foot are suitable for younger children to exercise, while trampolines over 15 foot are suitable for a large entertaining area. 16 foot or 17 foot trampoline has a heavier weight capacity, which making it possible for multiple people to play at the same time. 

These are standard trampoline sizes, now we need to know the average trampoline size and its target users.

Average sizes include: 8 foot and 10 foot trampolines, which are perfect for smaller backyards. A 12 foot trampoline is a type of medium trampoline. 14 foot and 15 foot trampolines offer greater flexibility and are suitable for older users. Each average size trampoline is designed for specific users, like single child, multiple children, older children and adults, etc.

Trampoline around 55 inch for kids under 5

The appropriate trampoline size for children under 5 is also small, and the manufacturer will make a separate model for them. In addition, these trampolines have a limited load-bearing capacity of 100 to 140 pounds or up to 150 pounds. The toddlers have less weight, so they can play on these trampolines safely. Trampolines for toddlers are available in a variety of sizes like 36, 38, 40, 48, 55, 66 inches. These small trampolines are designed for toddlers, infants and children from 2 to 5 years old.

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8 to 10 foot trampoline for kids over 6 years old

As a consideration, you should also get a larger trampoline size as your child gets older. So, besides the trampolines for toddlers, the 8 to 10 foot trampoline is suitable for children aged 6 and older. It is also suitable for the families with a small backyard and only have one child at home. It provides a long time of entertainment for your children. However, there is no room for a second child playing on an 8 to 10 foot trampoline. If you can make sure that your family only has one kid playing on the trampoline at once, it's the perfect size for you.

12 foot trampoline is suitable for two children 

The 12 ft trampoline is suitable for two children and can be installed in a medium-sized backyard. The 12 foot trampoline is the perfect trampoline for two kids to play on. This medium trampoline provides more room and does not take up as much space as a 14 to 15 foot trampoline. It requires a little more space than a small trampoline, but is worth buying. This is the best trampoline size for a medium-sized backyard and the cost of these trampolines will be within your budget.

15ft trampoline for kids


14 foot and 15 foot trampolines for 3 children or more, or one family member

The 14 to 15 foot trampoline is a type of full-size trampoline designed for multiple children playing at the same time, making it the best trampoline choice for a large backyard. You can get three or four kids to play together on this trampoline. It provides a large surface and a ladder for climbing easily and playing safely. The trampoline also contains more springs and is heavier than a medium to small size. As a result, children will have a better jumping (bouncing) experience on these trampolines.

Being satisfied with your choose to purchase

If you are buying a trampoline and knowing that more than one child will jump at the same time, you will need a trampoline that is strong enough to handle their total weight. You also need one that can accommodate the growing weight of your child.

12ft trampoline for kids

As the recommendation, I will choose “ 12 FT Outdoor Trampoline With Enclosure”. Zupapa trampoline has more springs . This can provide more bounce and your child will get more fun. Zupapa’s “Small Trampoline for Kids” is also a good choice, the size of this trampoline is more suitable for the younger children. It has the enclosure net is sewn directly onto the jumping mat to prevent dangerous gaps between the frame and the stretch bands, which could create a safe and fun jumping environment for children.

Being satisfied with your purchase and getting the right trampoline size will allow your whole family to enjoy your new trampoline for many years.

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