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Would You Like to Spend $500 on a Trampoline for a Kid?

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Before talking about the price of children's trampolines, let's have a look about the brief information of trampolines first! As a new exercise, trampoline is extremely popular in the domestic market. The rise of various trampoline parks has also made more and more people aware of trampoline’s charm.

Trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment made of PVC net cloth for people to jump for entertainment. In a variety of amusement parks, you can see the trampolines. Many children like trampoline very much, they can play on it for a whole day with safety measures.

For developing children, trampoline exercise stimulates the growth of their bones and makes them taller. It can also strengthen their bodies to make them stronger. So, it seems to be a wave that more and more family begin to own their “family trampoline” at present.

Amusement park trampoline

Some people who are struggling to consider whether or not to buy a trampoline, browsed online shopping websites about it.

They may want to ask how can a simple trampoline cost $500, I’ll show you the reason and introduce the characteristics of trampolines.

It may also help some potential buyers purchase a trampoline that suits them. the following will be elaborated from these six aspects.

First, trampoline structure

The structure of trampoline is directly related to the safety of trampoline. A good trampoline structure should comply with relevant mechanical principles and pass relevant safety tests, meanwhile, obtain safety certificates. Once the trampoline is made over, the manufacturer first needs to carry out several tests by itself, then look for official channels for evaluation test, and obtain the certificate. After all, safety is the most important thing for children, parents need to observe the trampoline structure carefully before buying.

trampoline structure

Second, trampoline size

Different trampoline sizes should be selected for different users with different needs. In general, a trampoline will cover less space, (the diameter is about one to one and a half meters), and the jumping area may be smaller. You can choose the right trampoline size according to your home space conditions. Generally speaking, if it is for children to play, I recommend to buy a larger size, which is safer and more fun, you know, the size is bigger, the more materials it requires, the price is more expensive.

Different sizes of trampolines

Third, trampoline style

At present, the styles of trampoline on the market are very rich. According to different styles, trampolines can be divided into rectangles, polygons, circles and other shapes. Different styles mainly meet different needs. Generally speaking, round trampolines are safer because they have no edges and corners, so that you can see more round and polygonal trampolines on the market. They can be used for children to entertain.

Nowadays, more and more trampoline manufacturers can do a good job of wrapping the corners in many other types of trampolines’ production, that means more choices for buyers and more competition for sellers. In this case, high-quality products or established manufacturers will be less affected.

kids jump on 12ft trampoline


The trampolines for children on the Amazon website: the price of a 10ft trampoline is $360.69; The price of a 12ft trampoline is $463.49; and the price of a 13ft trampoline is $565.99. Today, the sizes of trampolines on the market are mainly: 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft. More buyers choose to buy the 12ft. It follows that $500 is a relatively common price for a trusty trampoline, because this style of trampoline will not let the child feel constraint, and can ensure safety as well.

Forth, trampoline configuration

With the development of trampoline, the function of trampoline is more and more rich, and the safety performance has been improved greatly. Some trampolines are equipped with handrails to ensure safety during the jumping process, which is suitable for beginners to exercise more safely. Some trampolines are equipped with protective nets and foam tubes to keep children from bumping and falling. In addition, some trampolines are equipped with swings, baskets and so on, greatly increasing the entertainment of trampolines.

Factors affecting the price of trampolines


Parents can also change or add some additional accessories according to their children's preferences and needs, maybe like the ladders, the springs, and the mattresses.

On the Amazon, the PVC safety mat costs $39.32, and the price of the Kid’s Trampoline Enclosure Pole Cap Tube Top Cover Cap is $6.65; the price of the 12-foot trampoline protection net is $39.32; the trampoline can also be replaced., The price is $30.57. 

Fifth, folding function

The function can effectively save space when the trampoline is not in use, which meets the needs of more families for trampolines. Be sure to pay attention to this when buying. Some trampolines can not fold and may need to be disassembled for storage. If you need your home trampoline to be more convenient, that means you need to spend more money.

a kid with trampoline

Sixth, bearing capacity

Trampoline is, after all, an energetic sport, and jumping over and over again will create a huge impact on the trampoline. For kids, the proper bearing capacity must be taken seriously according to their own needs, to prevent the safety risks. Adults are advised to choose a trampoline with the bearing capacity of more than 150kg, which will a have better security. And for children to use, can choose the trampoline with a smaller bearing capacity appropriately.

Safety standards for trampoline


Besides the above six points, I also found that “color” can affect the price of a trampoline. The main colors of trampolines currently on the market are: Purple, Blue, Gray, Black, and Pink.

On Zupapa website, kids's 12ft trampoline with blue color costs $549.99. In addition, trampoline with purple color costs $629.99.

purple trampoline - zupapa trampoline for kids

Read what I've introduced, did it dispel your doubts? You may have a quick idea why trampolines are worth the price. If you only have a budget of $500 and are looking for a more cost-effective trampoline, I will recommend “12 FT Outdoor Trampoline With Enclosure” from Zupapa, costs $549.99. It made of durable jumping mats, safer and thicker pads. In addition, they’ll send you two high-quality assistant spring-loading tools. The trampoline is tested for safety and durability to exceed all ASTM and TUV standards, just buy and enjoy it. This will be a purchase you will never regret, believe me.