What Size Trampoline for 3 Kids

What Size Trampoline for 3 Kids: 14 FT, 15 FT or 16 FT?

Having 3 kids in a family is lucky, but also chaotic! Kids are full of energy. They like running, jumping, rolling… It seems there is nothing can stop them. You are always worried that they will fall on the ground and get hurt.

Trampolines are going to help! With a large trampoline in your backyard, your active kids can have hours of entertainment. The soft mat and enclosure guarantee your kids happy jumping without getting hurt. You can finally free your hand to treat yourself to a cup of coffee! 

However, what size trampoline to choose for your 3 kids


The Best Size Trampoline for 3 Kids

Picking the best size trampoline for 3 kids depends much on the age and total weight of your kids. The number of children using the trampoline at the same time also matters. In addition, you are suggested to take the trampoline games that your kids may play on it into account.

In normal cases, a 14 FT Trampoline in the middle size is believed to be the best size trampoline for 3 kids. A 14 FT Trampoline boasts enough space for 3 kids to jump up and down in ease. Never be too crowded nor too empty. If you want more possibilities for games like burn wars and dead man rise, look no further than a 15 FT Trampoline. A 15 FT Trampoline is also a better choice for families with children whose physical development has approached that of youth.

15 FT Trampoline
Large enough to accommodate 3 kids at the same time;
An ideal trampoline size for families with 3 kids or 3 teens.
15 FT Trampoline
Popular trampoline size;
A high weight limit of 425 lbs or so;
Broad age range appeal;
More surprises like games;
It is not only for your 3 kids, but also you.
16 FT Trampoline
Almost the largest trampoline size in the market;
A worry-free option if your backyard allows.

Safety Tip: For safety reasons, kids are always advised to follow the one-child-at-a-time rule while jumping on a trampoline, especially for those who love doing backflips on it.

Is A 12 Foot Trampoline Big Enough for 3 Kids?

If there is only one or two children jumping on the trampoline each time, a 12 Foot Trampoline is also big enough for 3 kids. 12 FT Trampolines are also somewhat one of the most popular trampolines. However, to avoid the hassle of your child fighting for the trampoline playing hours, you’d better choose a 14 FT Trampoline or a 15 FT Trampoline. Normally, a 14 FT Trampoline is enough for 3 kids, while a 15 FT is a worry-free choice! 

Is A 14 Foot Trampoline Big Enough for 3 Kids?

Yes, 14 Foot Trampolines are considered to be good choices for 3 kids. In no-flip cases, a 14 FT Trampoline may even allow 5 kids to play together. For most families with 3 kids, it is large enough to accommodate kids’ weight as they grow.

Is A 15 Foot Trampoline Big Enough for 3 Kids?

Yes, 15 Foot Trampolines enjoy great popularity amongst almost all families! They are also ideal options for families with 3 kids. The larger the space, the less chance your kids will collide when two jumpers bouncing at the same time, which is a significant factor on buying a trampoline! While jumping on a 15 Foot Trampoline, your kids will seldom get in the path of the others.   

Warm Tips on Choosing A Trampoline for 3 Kids

  1. Larger is better! If you still don’t know which size to pick, choose the largest trampoline size, which is, in normal cases, 15 FT or 16 FT.
  2. Investing a Trampoline with Enclosure! A safety enclosure is a must for families with multiple jumpers! An enclosure around the trampoline helps prevent jumpers from falling off the ground or hitting the frame. 
  3. Round trampolines are better for family use. If you want a trampoline for gymnastics practice, you can also pick a square trampoline. 
  4. Kids below 6 years old are not really welcomed to trampoline jumping unless you can give adequate supervision.
  5. Mini indoor trampolines are more recommended for toddlers.  


The most popular trampoline size for 3 kids is 14 FT, which is in the middle range of trampolines. A 14 FT Trampoline can accommodate 5~6 kids or 2 adults at the same time. If you want more possibilities, you can also select a 15 FT trampoline. After all, your children may have a lot of friends, or you may want to join them while jumping. If your backyard allows, you can also put your eyes on a 16 FT trampoline, which is widely believed to be the largest size round trampoline on the market. A worry-free choice helps you get rid of the selecting from the dizzying trampolines sizes!