Trampoline Buying Guide 2022: How to Choose a Trampoline?

Jumping makes happy and benefits health, so it comes no surprise that so many kids love trampolines! You may also on the way to buy a trampoline for your kids! However, no matter you're searching for trampolines online or offline, you find there are tons of options to choose! What shape is better for kids, round or square? Why there are trampolines with net while others don’t? Which size fits the need of your family? Don’t worry, this Trampoline Buying Guide is going to help! We guarantee that you will know How to Choose a Trampoline after reading the entire guide!

Choose A Trampoline by Size

Size matters most when selecting a trampoline. The best size for you depends on how many kids there are in your family and how big is your backyard. Normally, the most common trampoline sizes range from 8 FT to 16 FT. An 8 FT trampoline is recommended for the family with one kid, and a 10~12 FT trampoline is recommended for the family with two kids. If you have 3 and above kids in your family, you’d better chose the 14 FT, 15 FT or 16 FT trampoline. 

For safety reasons, you are suggested to add 1.5ft extra space around the trampoline with enclosure, especially when there are fences or walls near the trampoline. If you are going to buy a trampoline without enclosure, more space around your trampoline is required.

Trampoline Size

Backyard Space Required for Your Trampoline with / without the enclosure (feet)

8 FT Trampoline

11 / 24.4

10 FT Trampoline

13 / 26.4

12 FT Trampoline

15 / 28.4

14 FT Trampoline

17 / 30.4

15 FT Trampoline

18 / 31.4

16 FT Trampoline

19 / 33.4

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Choose A Trampoline by Weight Limit

The weight limit of a trampoline also matters, even if it is never a big issue when you choose a good brand with quality trampolines. The highest weight limit implies how much weight the trampoline can hold while the user jumping on it. If there is a heavyweight person who exceeds the capacity of the trampoline, he or she may touch the ground when landing on the mat or even break the trampoline mat and fall on the ground under the trampoline. Injuries may happen in this worst case, which are certainly what we do not want to see. Therefore, the higher, the better, when it comes to selecting a trampoline by weight limit.

Then, how to pick a trampoline with high weight limit? Usually, the brand will show the exact capacity of its trampoline. If there is no such info, you can ask their customer service for help or check their number of springs for your reference. In normal cases, the more springs a trampoline has, the higher capacity it offers.

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Choose A Trampoline by Material

Which do you prefer, a spring trampoline or a no spring trampoline? Spring trampolines are classic ones. They are more common to see in the market. No spring trampolines are claimed to be safer than spring trampolines. However, it isn’t always true. Spring trampolines with good protective design also perfectly meet the daily safety needs, and they are considered to be bouncer than trampolines without springs.

Besides the springs, the enclosure of a trampoline is also an essential factor on choosing a trampoline. For security reasons, you are always highly recommended to pick a trampoline with an enclosure, no matter you are going to buy a large outdoor trampoline or mini kid indoor trampoline.

Other important materials include the frame and the mat. Heavy-duty frame and mat certainly offer better bounce!

Choose A Trampoline by Price

What is the ideal price to buy a trampoline in your plan? Usually, the price of an outdoor trampoline ranges from $198 to over $3,000. You are recommended to buy a trampoline in the middle price range, which not only never asks too much on the price, but also is no lack of quality and excellent customer service. Trampoline brands at middle price include Zupapa, Aukfa, Anysun, Homecare, etc.

Choose A Trampoline by Safety

When it comes to buying a trampoline, the safety also tops the worry list. Always remember to choose a trampoline with an enclosure, spring pads and solid frames! The enclosure protects your kids from flying out the trampoline while jumping. Spring pads with the springs being covered will help avoid injures caused by falling on the steel frame or getting hurt from the springs. A solid frame allows years of stable standing of your trampoline. 

Choose A Trampoline by Type and Shape

There are multiple trampoline types for you to choose. According to the shapes, there are round trampolines, rectangle trampolines and oral trampolines. According to places to use it, there are outdoor backyard trampolines, indoor kid trampoline and water trampolines. In addition, there are fitness trampolines for exercise enthusiasts. 

For families, popular choices are outdoor round trampolines for kids above 6 years old and indoor kid trampolines for toddlers. If there is a future gymnast in your family, you can also put your eyes on rectangle trampolines, which are believed to be more professional for daily gymnastics practices. 

Choose A Trampoline by Brands

Popular trampoline brands include Springfree, Zupapa, Vuly, Skywalker, Jumpsport, Acon, Upper Bounce, etc. 

Springfree trampolines are the most high-end in the market. Their trampolines are designed without springs but unique bouncing mats. They offer traditional round trampolines, and also rectangle and oral trampolines. The prices of Springfree Trampolines range from $799 ~ $3,000. 

Zupapa Trampoline is one of the most family-friendly brands. Types of Zupapa Trampoline include outdoor backyard trampoline, fitness trampoline and mini indoor kid trampoline. 

Vuly boasts a slogan of Australia's #1 Outdoor Play Equipment. Its trampolines priced from $599~2049. Vuly trampolines are equipment with a cover to avoid rain and sunshine.

Jumpsport is popular amongst the fitness lovers, especially the gym trainers. They have a variety of fitness trampolines to offer, which are ideal for both man and women. Besides, it offers kids trampolines as well.  

Skywalker also offers a wide selection of high-quality trampolines in varying shapes and sizes. The prices of their trampoline range from $149~869. In addition to trampolines, they also offer baseball, soccer, playground, jungle gyms, geodome, etc.

Acon Trampolines are priced from $249~2,699. Rectangle trampolines are their best picks. 

Choose A Trampoline By Fun Things to Do

What activities you are going to do on the trampoline besides the jumping? If you want more surprises to happen on it, such as water ball games, painting, movie night and more, you are suggested to choose a larger trampoline than you have planned. Trampolines can also be used as beds. In summer, it is really a great enjoyment to sleep in your backyard at night. 

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Best Zupapa Trampoline for You

Haven’t decided on which trampoline to buy? Why not pick a Zupapa Trampoline? Zupapa Trampoline are priced competitively and created with safety in mind. There are trampolines of different sizes and shapes for you to select. No matter you are looking for a large outdoor trampoline for your large family or a small indoor trampoline for your toddlers, Zupapa Trampoline has you involved!