What Size trampoline is Suitable for Adult Exercise

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 In the United States, more and more people are buying trampoline. In addition to children, adults also need to buy exercise trampoline.

There are many sizes of trampolines on the market. Common trampoline sizes are 40 inches, 45 inches, 48 inches, 55 inches, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, 15 foot, etc.

There are two types of trampolines suitable for adult exercise: small trampoline and large trampoline.

Small trampoline generally refers to indoor trampoline, and large trampoline generally refers to outdoor trampoline.

mini fitness trampoline


Features of small adult fitness trampolines on different websites

Amazon website also provides a 50 inch fitness trampoline with its own handles, with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. This trampoline uses super-elastic elastic cords to replace rigid, squeaky metal springs, which can fully absorb the impact force during landing. The foam-covered armrest protects the handle from sweat, increasing balance, flexibility and coordination.

Walmart website provides a 40 inch foldable mini trampoline with foam handles, which can hold up to 330 pounds. This trampoline uses a closed design steel spring and a foldable design, and is non-slip and waterproof.

Zupapa provides a variety of trampolines suitable for adult exercises. For example, a 40 inch round mini fitness trampoline, a 40 inch round mini fitness trampoline with handles, a 45 inch hexagonal mini fitness rebound trampoline, and a 45 inch hexagonal mini fitness trampoline with handles.



The 40 inch round mini fitness trampoline with handles is composed of 6 thick bungee cords and 6 durable stainless steel legs.

The 40 inch round mini fitness trampoline with handles has the following characteristics:

  • Fast and durable

The sturdy frame and durable rebound surface of the trampoline can withstand a maximum weight of 330LBS.

  • Reduce physical stress

Trampolines are suitable for adults to perform aerobic exercises and have fun. Fitness trampolines use your weight and inertia to perform unique cardiovascular exercises without putting your body under the pressure of high-intensity exercise.

  • Exercise muscles

Fitness trampolines can train a wide range of muscle groups, helping to build muscle mass and strengthen the shoulder, hip and leg muscles. The non-slip damping sleeves and silent bungee cord system (rather than springs) on the legs produce a smooth and silent bounce, so you can exercise without damaging squeaks.

  • Small footprint

This trampoline is much smaller than other trampolines and is suitable for one person to exercise. In addition, it is small enough to be placed anywhere.

  • New product upgrade

The bungee rope adopts the latest patented upgrade system to provide joint-friendly suspension, minimize noise, provide higher stability and greater flexibility, and give you a great jumping experience. You can add various exercises and intensity levels to increase your strength.

Zupapa’s 45 inch hexagonal mini fitness trampoline with handles comes with adjustable handrails and adult indoor backboards. It is the best aerobic jumping fitness trainer, the maximum weight limit is 330 pounds.

45" Mini Fitness Trampoline With Handle


The features of the 45 inch hexagonal mini fitness trampoline with handles are as follows:

  • Unique and durable

The 45 inch mini fitness trampoline adopts a strong thick elastic rope design and a safety protection device lengthened on the jumping mat to provide more safety. The trampoline allows you to play safely at home or in the garden, with a maximum load of 330 pounds.

  • Health and strength

Exercising on a trampoline is the most popular way to achieve your aerobic fitness goals. You use this trampoline trainer for regular exercise, which will help stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen capacity, improve body balance, promote cardiovascular health, and enhance muscle mass.

  • Adjustable and detachable armrests

Foam-covered armrests can improve balance, flexibility and coordination. The height of the handlebars of the trampoline can be adjusted in 5 levels to meet the needs of different groups of people. You can also remove the handlebars as needed.

  • Perfect detailed structure

The updated leg design increases stability. The steel frame of the trampoline is firmly fixed on the jumping surface for vigorous exercise; the trampoline has a first-class anti-wear and non-slip mesh surface; the trampoline contains adjustable handles with non-slip and sweat-proof handrails to ensure stability.

large trampoline for adults


Features of large adult fitness trampoline on different websites

Amazon website provides a 10 foot trampoline. This trampoline comes with a shell net and ladder. The T-connector of this trampoline is made of high-quality anti-rust steel, which increases the stability of the frame and provides users with additional safety and weight restrictions. This trampoline is made of high-quality PP mesh material.

The Aliexpress website provides a 12 foot PVC safety mat large trampoline. This trampoline is made of waterproof PVC material, which is easy to clean. This kind of trampoline also uses fastening straps to make it easy to fix the frame on the frame of the round trampoline to replace the safety pad.

The Walmart website provides a 12 foot trampoline with safety fence and ladder. This trampoline uses a fastened frame, which is durable and non-slip. The trampoline with fence and jumping mat is made of PP material, which is wear-resistant and anti-ultraviolet, and has excellent toughness and elasticity.

purple trampoline


Zupapa provides a 12 foot purple Saffun trampoline.The characteristics of 12 foot trampoline are as follows:

  • Pay great attention to safety issues.

Each trampoline has two safety certifications, German TUV certification and American ASTM certification.

  • No gap pad

Zupapa achieved a breakthrough. Zupapa's Saffun trampoline eliminates pinch points that bind toes and feet, reducing user pain.

  • Higher shell net

Safety comes from comprehensive protection. The trampoline uses a higher fence to prevent users from falling to the ground.

  • Higher load-bearing capacity

Zupapa’s trampoline is made of heavy-duty steel poles. The trampoline is 1.5 mm thick and can carry 425 pounds.

  • Better bounce

Zupapa’s trampoline adds more springs to allow you to achieve better jumping. Zupapa is designed for each spring for optimal performance. The heavy-duty MAT used in the trampoline is also another promoter, allowing you to achieve better jumping.

  • Easy to assemble

Zupapa’s trampoline does not require screws to be tightened, which saves time and effort. The trampoline contains other necessary installation tools, which are provided with the package. Users can easily access video tutorials on the Zupapa website to help users with installation.