10 Best Trampoline Gymnastics Tricks

When you want to increase the fun of jumping on a trampoline, try these ten trampoline gymnastics tricks. It's fun and builds athleticism and flexibility at the same time.

Do you own a trampoline? If the answer is yes, then bouncing on a trampoline is fun. Yet, adding certain trampoline tricks will make the time on the trampoline even more fun.

Whether you are a bouncing enthusiast or hoping to become a professional gymnast. There are a range of amazing trampoline tricks that can be learned and mastered that can take your skills to new heights.

That's why we've prepared 10 wonderful trampoline gymnastics tricks worth learning. With proper practice, I'm sure you'll succeed in no time! 

Basic Bouncing

Let's start with the simplest basic move. Simple bouncing on a trampoline also requires an understanding of proper form to avoid muscle damage. Having a stable bouncing motion is what makes the later gymnastics tricks easy.

Focus on bending your knees to absorb the impact and keep your body aligned. Once you've mastered this move, you're ready to do more!

basic jump

(Basic Bouncing)

Tuck Jump

This is a classic and simple trampoline gymnastics trick. Simply bring your knees towards your shoulders as you bounce, then release and straighten your body as you descend. This move will be a great way to build core strength and lower body muscles.

Side Flip

This is a trampoline trick more suited for beginners. Before you start, you can try tumbling down on the trampoline with your back. This move involves rotating your body while jumping on the trampoline and landing on your back. This move is easy and fun, although it may take several attempts to get to the side position.  

Straddle Jump

Again, a more specialized trampoline gymnastics trick. You need to spread your legs in a "V" shape as you jump up. On the way down, you retract your legs and land on the ground. This move will test your flexibility, so warm up before you start. It will be a good workout for your leg muscles as well as ligaments.


(Trampoline tricks) 

Full Twist

This movement is difficult and is recommended to be practiced by those who have a foundation in gymnastics. You need to tighten your whole body, stay focused, and keep your body straight. You will jump in a 360-degree rotation in the air, starting and ending in the same direction.

Pike Jump

This is the basis for many advanced tricks. It is relatively difficult compared to the Tuck Jump. You can try to accomplish this move on a flat surface first, and then switch to a trampoline afterward.

The point of this move is to fold your body after jumping up, keeping your arms and legs as parallel as possible. Then land with your feet together. This move will be a great exercise in balance and body coordination.

Pike Jump

(Pike jump) 

Seat Landing

This maneuver involves landing on the trampoline in a seated position with your feet straight. And jump again in a seated position and straighten the body. Point your hands and toes in the same direction. This move is similar to the Pike Jump, except that it is done on the landing.

Back Handspring

This is a switch of the Back Handspring trick from a flat surface to be done on a trampoline. This maneuver requires courage besides skill. You can start with a slow motion and then try a normal Back Handspring. Be careful that your wrists and lower back are properly aligned to avoid sprains.

Back Handspring

(Back handspring) 

Double Bounce

This maneuver means bouncing twice in a row and landing with your back touching the trampoline. This will create a greater bounce effect. You can also spin around in the air to make the trampoline trick more difficult.

Barani Flip

This is the hardest of the ten trampoline gymnastics tricks. This move is not only seen in gymnastics but also cheerleading and free running. It's more of an enhanced version of the front flip, where you need to add a 180-degree spin while doing the front flip. It's a beautiful and complex maneuver that requires some gymnastics skill.


Trampoline gymnastics tricks enhance the pleasure of jumping and work on one's coordination and athleticism. The 10 tricks described above help with this and are the basis for more complex moves. Regular practice and focusing on perfecting the movements will have you performing these trampoline tricks in no time.

But always remember to make sure an adult is supervising the trampoline at all times. Zupapa offers outdoor trampolines that provide a safe environment for practicing these moves. What's even better is that recent sale events allow you to get quality trampolines at the best prices. So what are you waiting for, come and bounce!