backyard trampoline ideas

15 Best Backyard Trampoline Ideas

Trampolines are used for a variety of purposes other than for kids to bounce on. We've compiled 15 of these backyard trampoline ideas to turn your trampoline into a versatile backyard entertainment venue.

A trampoline will bring endless fun to a family, but it's not just for bouncing on. And it's certainly not just for kids. When utilized properly, a trampoline can be a versatile place in the backyard for the whole family to enjoy.

Beyond basic bouncing, there are many creative ways to incorporate a trampoline into your daily life to maximize its use. Here are 15 cool ideas that can take the fun of a backyard trampoline to another level.

Drawing time

Kids always love to draw whenever and wherever they can. In order not to limit their creativity and imagination, and to avoid a wall or tabletop mess in your home, a trampoline mat can be a drawing board for their creativity. Trampoline mats are easy to clean and only need to be wiped down to remove the colors of the paintbrushes on them.

drawing on trampoline


(Drawing on a trampoline) 

Pet playground

As said before, trampolines are not just for kids. Our furry friends can also play on trampolines. For energetic dogs, the novelty of a trampoline can keep them playing on it for hours. While playing, it also exercises their joints and strengthens the bond with their owners.

Practice gymnastics

Trampolines are also an excellent place to use to practice gymnastics. It provides a soft surface to allow kids to perform movements without fear. Practicing gymnastics also strengthens muscles, balance, and core strength. There are many benefits for children.

Practicing gymnastics on a trampoline


(Practicing gymnastics on a trampoline) 

Basketball game

Secure a homemade basket to the trampoline. Start a unique basketball game, bouncing on the trampoline will definitely double the fun. At the end of the day, the winner is the one who shoots the ball the most times. Be sure to have adult supervision to avoid safety hazards.

Chicken farm

If you have trampolines that you no longer use but don't know what to do with them. You can put a circle of wire mesh around the bottom so it makes a perfect coop. It saves space and you can continue using the trampoline.

raising chickens


(Chicken farm) 

Trampoline camping

You can also experience the excitement of outdoor camping on a trampoline. Camping on a trampoline is very simple. Just set up your camping tent on the ground first and then place it directly on the trampoline mat.

If you have never camped before, this is the best way to start. Since it's right in your backyard, you're able to return to your home at any time if anything happens. This allows you to enjoy the convenience and safety of your home while experiencing a night of camping.

You can also prepare snacks that are ideal for camping, such as roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, and beef jerky to create a sense of adventure.

Camping on a trampoline


(Camping on a trampoline) 


Sleepovers should be an activity that many people have had in their childhood. But a sleepover on an outdoor trampoline should be a rare experience.

There are many ideas for sleepovers on trampolines, all of which have their own unique appeal. Not only does this enhance the fun of the sleepover, but it also makes for unforgettable memories for the kids.

Movie night

What better way to end the summer than an outdoor movie night? Choose a movie that is suitable for all ages. Cozy up with the kids on an open-air trampoline and enjoy the outdoors. Spend a wonderful evening with family and friends with a breeze and popcorn.

movie night on trampoline


(Movie night on trampoline)


Got everything you need for a picnic but don't know where to go? A relaxing backyard picnic can be kicked off on a trampoline, and you don't even need a picnic mat.

When choosing food for your trampoline picnic, choose items that are portable and easy to handle. Avoid the slightest bounce causing food to fall out. Capture fun moments in photos to create lasting memories.


Is there a story time every night? Try switching venues to a trampoline! The outdoor setting will make for a different experience for parent-child time. And it also allows kids to incorporate physical movement, allowing for greater engagement and focus.

The combination of movement, imagination, and outdoor exploration creates a unique and memorable way for kids to enjoy storytelling.

Hosting a theme party

The upcoming Halloween and Christmas are the perfect opportunity to host a themed party! Dress up the trampoline so the kids can have exclusive party moments on it while the adults are grilling or chatting. A dressed-up-themed trampoline is even a great backdrop for social media photos, making your holiday photos even more fun.

party on trampoline


(Christmas themed trampoline)


Complete the classic body-bending game on the trampoline! Combine the excitement of a Twister with the bouncy sensation of a trampoline and this will create an incredibly fun and entertaining experience. Adults can also get involved to release stress, but please prioritize safety.

Outdoor yoga

Trying yoga on a trampoline can add difficulty to your workout routine. Balancing on a trampoline will be more difficult to do and your ability to balance and core strength will improve.

Combined with the bouncy nature of the trampoline, your concentration will also increase. Not to mention how much fun it is!


Karaoke lovers certainly shouldn't miss singing on a trampoline. On a trampoline, you can jump with more ease as well as joy. Don't forget to hydrate and take a break on the way to this musical party as well. Take a few minutes to stretch at the end to avoid muscle soreness the next day.


Beginners can also practice skateboarding on a trampoline. This is a safer and more fun way to learn new moves. It strengthens balance, and you should also bring protective gear such as elbow pads when practicing skateboarding on a trampoline to ensure safety.

Skateboarding on a trampoline


(Skateboarding on a trampoline) 

Final thoughts

Overall, trampolines are backyard entertainment products that have multiple uses. From the most basic bouncing to a place for fitness, parties, and relaxation, it connects with family time.

Regardless of the season, a trampoline can enrich your leisure time. So add magic to your backyard with a trampoline - you'll never run out of things to do!