How to Safely Enjoy a Winter Trampoline

How to Safely Enjoy a Winter Trampoline

If there is a need to keep jumping on trampolines in the winter, then these are the safety guidelines and tips you can't miss.

What do we do if, one winter day, kids suddenly want to utilize a backyard trampoline during this cold season? Is this safe? So, we will provide you with basic tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when using a trampoline in winter.

While most people prefer to stay indoors during the winter months, the occasional trampoline exercise will energize the season. So, bundle up, and let's enjoy some icy cold bouncing fun!

Clean up before jumping

First, use a soft cleanup tool to sweep away any debris or snow from your trampoline mat. Do not use a shovel, which can cause damage to the trampoline mat. This ensures a safe bouncing environment.

Second, if the trampoline frame has rust due to snow buildup. It needs to be cleaned or replaced even though.

trampoline mat with snow


Check the condition of the trampoline

Maintaining the habit of checking your trampoline regularly is especially important for safety. You need to make sure that the frame, springs, and foam pads are not broken or loose before use. Check that the screws are intact and that the ladder is secure.

If there is any damage to structural areas or parts, you can contact the trampoline manufacturer for maintenance and replacement.

Staying warm

It's easy to get cold from sweating while exercising in the winter. So dress appropriately before playing on the trampoline, including a warm jacket and sports attire.

Don't forget to wear thick socks and sturdy, non-slip shoes to maintain traction. Also, wearing gloves and a hat will add warmth and protect you from the cold.

zupapa trampoline in winter


Warming up

Warming up will raise your body temperature and increase blood flow to your muscles, protecting you from strains, especially in the winter. Perform light stretching exercises to relax your muscles and increase blood flow.

This helps prevent tension and prepares your body for the exciting jumps to come. Simple warm-up exercises such as open and close jumps, squats, and stretches can be effective.

Proper jumping time

During the winter months, the days are shorter and it is not safe to bounce at night. So please plan when you will be using the trampoline. It is best to use the time of day when there is sunlight so that you can jump with plenty of natural light.

This improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidents. You can also check the weather ahead of time and choose to jump when there is the most daylight, which is warm and safe.

zupapa trampoline outdoors


Simple jumping moves

When jumping in the winter, it's best to choose simple trampoline tricks. Because of the weather, trampoline mats are likely to be slippery thus leading to falls. Start warming up with gentle, controlled jumps and gradually increase the intensity. Unless you are an experienced gymnast, avoid complex tricks or risky maneuvers.

Safety restrictions

Always have an adult around to supervise minors when they are playing on a trampoline. Follow the rules of trampoline use and only allow one person to bounce at a time. No jostling or overcrowding on the trampoline.

Tables, chairs, blankets, and hot drinks can be placed in the backyard to keep you warm and hydrated. Both adults and children can get a break.

Maintenance of trampolines

Maintaining a trampoline in the winter starts with the use of wind stakes for reinforcement in addition to inspection and cleaning. It is also best to place the trampoline cover on top to avoid damage caused by the weather elements.

Finally, dismantle the frame and safety netting above it for storage. This will ensure that it will be ready for use the following spring.

Zupapa Trampolines Maintenance



β€œBeat the winter blues one workout at a time” Winter trampoline activities can bring an energizing vibe to the dreary season. Get the family out of the house and enjoy a different kind of nature, creating a new type of family time.

By following these safety guidelines and preparing yourself and your trampoline for winter, you can have fun while ensuring your health. So, embrace the chilly air, suit up, and get ready to enjoy the cold on your winter trampoline adventures!Β