How to Set Up a Christmas-Themed Trampoline

How to Set Up a Christmas-Themed Trampoline for the Holidays

In order to make your trampoline into a festive Christmas theme, here is a comprehensive decorating guide including how to host a Christmas trampoline party
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It's time for the much anticipated holiday season. The arrival of Christmas can be warm and cozy, and what a surprise it will be for children to see a trampoline with Christmas decorations. Whether you are decorating an old trampoline or need to wrap it up as a Christmas gift.

You can turn it into a festive wonderland and add Christmas colors to your backyard. Here are the steps we've put together to set up a Christmas-themed trampoline for the holidays. It's sure to bring you pictures of Christmas that stand out.

Make it colorful

How can Christmas be without color? Red, green, and gold are the classic Christmas theme colors. Christmas garlands or ribbons can be decorated around the outside of the trampoline's safety net, which will make the trampoline feel like a giant Christmas tree.

If the trampoline is a Christmas gift for the kids, hang a giant red bow. Believe me, it will make the kids feel exceptionally happy.

Christmas gift zupapa trampoline


Apart from this, a small banner of Merry Christmas can also achieve good results. These banners not only add to the festive mood but are also inexpensive. For safety reasons, do not hang hard decorations inside the trampoline.

Add lovely decorations

To make the trampoline feel more Christmassy, move the Christmas stockings outside. Hang them on the trampoline and this will add a cozy and festive atmosphere. Aside from that, reindeer and Santa stuffed toys are also part of the great decorations.

If you have enough budget, install mini Christmas trees on both sides of the trampoline. This will maximize the extension of the Christmas-themed trampoline. Doesn't it look like a magical playground?

Light it up

When night comes, string lights are a must. Stick to battery-powered LED options to avoid hazards. Choose a theme, such as multi-colored bulbs or single-colored strings. You'll also need plastic garlands, such as holly or ribbon to decorate the elastic perimeter.



Adding strings of lights isn't just about decorating or adding ambiance, it's also about being able to keep the trampoline available for nighttime use. Make the next trampoline party even more successful.

Christmas trampoline party

Once the Christmas decorations are complete, a themed trampoline party will be a popular event for the holiday season.

Preparing refreshments

No party is complete without food and drinks. You can choose from Christmas party foods such as cookies and hot cocoa, or you can pair them with some fun holiday snacks. Don't forget to take care of your guests' dietary restrictions or allergies.

Get the music ready

Don't forget the wonderful Christmas music and prepare your favorite Christmas song list. Get into the holiday spirit with your family and friends with the music.

Party activities

Backyard trampolines are more than just a playground for kids. Multiple ways to use a trampoline make it fun for adults to spend time on it as well. Activities such as Christmas movie nights, gift exchanges, or outdoor karaoke are all great ways to fill a party with laughter and enjoy each other's company.

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Safety maintenance

Of course, you just need to keep safety guidelines in mind when using a trampoline. Make sure that you are not exceeding the weight limit of the trampoline and that only one person is bouncing at a time. Be sure to have an adult on hand to supervise your children while they are using the trampoline.

On the other hand, you need to maintain the trampoline if there is ever a bad weather condition.

  • The first thing you need to do is remove the decorations on the trampoline.
  • After that, the frame and the safety net on the upper part of the trampoline need to be removed and stored well.
  • The base frame needs to be secured with wind stakes and it is best to add trampoline cover to avoid rain and snow. Or also remove and store for normal use in the spring.
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"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas." —Peg Bracken

With just a little patience and creativity, your backyard trampoline can become a winter marvel for Christmas. Dress up your trampoline in a Christmas theme and use it during the holiday season. Whether you simply bounce or throw a grand Christmas party, you're sure to create special moments.

We wish you a happy jumping this Christmas and spending precious time with your near and dear ones. Get started now - your Christmas trampoline is calling. The fun has only just begun!