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Zupapa Trampolines Make a Joyful and Healthy Childhood

Zupapa outdoor trampolines for kids delliver a joyful childhood for their safety and high quality. 

Being active is the nature of children. Many parents hope to find a healthy game that allows children to release their energy. A trampoline, as a fun facility, must be at the top of your choice list. In fact, it can not only provide a great space for outdoor activities but also help children develop their potentialities better.

3 Advantages of Playing on a Trampoline

Playing on a trampoline is not just about a simple jump. It is also beneficial to children's health. Here are at least three benefits that trampolines can bring in.

Aerobic exercise. Medical tests showed that jumping is one of the best aerobic exercises. Jumping on trampolines can promote children's cardiopulmonary function, which can help to prevent common respiratory diseases. What's more, it can build up immunity by enhancing kids' blood circulation and metabolism.

Physical and intellectual development. Jumping can also make a big difference in the early stage of a kid's physical and intellectual development. Physically, jumping can strengthen the kid's bone density and their muscle-bone relationship by well stimulating their limbs and muscles. What's more, jumping on the trampoline can vitalize the neurotransmitters in the children's brain, thereby making their thinking more active and agile.

More parent-child time. Parental companionship is crucial in children’s development. Generally, children are more active when their parents are with them and give them courage, which is conducive to their self-confidence and self-esteem development. As adult supervision is required at all times when a kid playing on a trampoline, there would be naturally more time for the kid and the parent to spend together, which would enhance the parent-child intimacy. What's more, playing on a trampoline is also an effective way to redut the screen time for TVs and computers.

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3 Most Important Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Safe Trampoline

After knowing some benefits of the trampoline, the next step is to choose a reliable product that can better ensure your kids' safety. Here are 3 factors of the most important for your reference.


When choosing a trampoline, the size should be your first concern. Gennerally, how much space you have for a trampoline and who is going to use it are the two derterming factors. A round backyard trampoline usually varies from 8' to 15'. The relatively smaller ones in 8' and 10' are space-friendly and would be a great solution to little kids. The 12' trampoline is the popular size for an bigger jumping area. And the 14' & 15' trampolines would deliver an ultimate jumping experience. In terms of the size-picking, as a rule of thumb, we would always recommend you take a bigger one within your budget as a larger trampoline will give your kids a better experience.

Weight Limit

Except for the size, the trampoline’s weight limit is another factor to be concerned about because it is related to the quality of the bounce and the safety of your child. Gennerally, the trampoline’s weight limit is influenced by the frame, the springs, and the mat. The thicker steel can better support the trampoline and prevent the frame from buckling. Trampolines with heavy-duty springs will have a greater capacity. The mat made from polypropylene (PP) is safe and durable and would deliver a better weight capacity compared with other materials. In most cases, a trampoline can hold from 300 pounds to 450 pounds. The higher of the weight capacity, the better for your kids' safety.


The quality of the trampoline is generally about the frame, the springs, the mat, and the pad. The frame with thick and reliable steel can surely make the product more durable and sturdy. The quantity and quality of the springs will directly influence the trampoline's overall performance - generally, the more high-quality springs, the better bounce. The next important part is the jumping mat. To better secure your kids' landing, a mat made of polypropylene or nylon material is recommended. As the part that covers the springs, the pad is also an important factor. Choosing a thicker and more durable one can effectively prevent your kids from being injured.

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Zupapa Trampolines: Make a Joyful and Healthy Childhood for Your Little Ones

Zupapa trampolines are highly recommended for their safety and high quality. It can create a safe outdoor playing environment for your children.

Safe Designs

Safety has always been our first concern. The best evidence is the two safety certificates each Zupapa outdoor trampolineowns: the TUV certification from Germany and the ASTM certification from the U.S. A variety of other safe designs are also the highlights. For example, the 8.2 ft higher PE enclosure net can fully protect your kids from falling and the non-slip ladder can make sure their safety when climbing onto the trampoline.

Extraordinary Quality

As mentioned above, the quality of the trampoline involves the frame, the springs, the mat, and the pad. The Zupapa backyard trampolines for kids have done well in every aspect. All steel poles of the frame are upgraded for higher weight capacity (maximum of 375 lbs for 8′ & 10′ one) to 425 lbs (maximum of 375lbs for 12′,14′,and 15′). The unique two-steel joints design and W-shaped legs also add a more solid structure. What's more, to realize the superior bounce, we try our best to apply as many galvanized springs as possible - some trampolines have 12 more springs. The anti-UV mat made of PP materials makes the trampoline more durable and strong, and the blue PE and PVC foamed pad cover and springs can effectively protect your kids when they are jumping on.

Weather Resistance

For outdoor entertainment facilities, weather-resistant designs are important for long-lasting use. Zupapa backyard trampolines adopt hot-dip galvanizing steels and anti- UV mats which are rust-resistant. There is also a gifted rain cover to protect your trampoline when not in use and wind stakes which are very useful to help your trampoline stand firmly even on windy days.

Easy Assembly

The assembly of some facilities may be a little tricky. With the two high-quality assistant spring-loading tools and two pairs of free gloves, you can complete the assembly of the trampoline safely without tightening up screws. Besides, there are detailed assembly videos to help you set up the trampoline more quickly so that your children can enjoy the fun of the trampoline in the shortest time.

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Advice of Playing Safely on Zupapa Trampolines

Although trampolines have many benefits, improper use can cause harm to children. Therefore, we at Zupapa have collected some relevant precautions for you.

Adult supervision at all times. The collision among children on the trampoline is a common cause of trampoline accidents, so parents must ensure that only one child is on the trampoline at a time. In addition, if the child is playing trampoline for the first time, parents should guide them to do more simple jumping exercises to better balance their bodies.

No accessories when playing. Children should not wear hairpins and glasses which are easy to fall off during jumping and thus may hurt them. To prevent fractures, children should cut their nails before jumping on the trampoline. Many children like to bring toys into the trampoline, which is not allowed because the sharp part of the toy may cause injury during the child’s bounce.

Correct postures. The impact force when falling is great, so correct postures can best ensure kids’ safety. Make sure they have straightened the upper body and slightly bend the knees. What’s more, if children land on his or her feet, their feet may not be able to resist the weight of their bodies, so parents should remind them to land on the trampoline with their back. Keep in mind that dangerous jumping such as somersaults should be forbidden because they may injure the child's neck and waist.

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Once you have a Zupapa outdoor trampoline set up in your yard, your kids can feel the endless pleasure of jumping. Take one home and create a perfect childhood for your sweetie! For any accessory questions, check out this replacements guide!